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The Prince of Rosh Deception (2020)

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The Prince of Rosh Deception is a sequel to The Invasion of Gog from the Land of Magog (2020). -

The film examines the true teaching of Jesus Christ which did not quite make it into the final version of the Bible. And explores the roots of this teaching in extreme antiquity.The film also examines a history of manipulation of religion by the forces of evil and how it has been used for control and empire.Subjects discussed are the Papacy, Islam, Templars and Protestantism.The film culminates with “The prince of Rosh” deception. – A term popular in American churches today, which actually does not exist in the Bible, and very likely has its origins in the CIA’s cold war anti-Soviet think-tanks.

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This movie is my own creation. Watch it! Its got things you will not hear anywhere else.