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Primitive Technology & Modern Survival Skills [pack]

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Primitive Technology & Modern Survival Skills [pack] I've leafed through a lot of survival books (both good and bad), 'post-apocalypse' preparation books and various other tomes that proclaim to one and all that their particular writings will give you everything you need to survive. I’ve also read voraciously through numerous novels that deal with similar themes during the course of my research. To be honest, few of them will make sense to the average human being. Fewer still are realistic. Why, you ask? Well, not everyone has the money, time and effort to be a martial arts master, become proficient with a variety of weapons, gather a force of battle-hardened veterans and, oh yeah – learn trauma medicine, engineering, animal husbandry, agriculture and chemistry. Most, at best, only help you survive for long enough until the initial chaos is past, then dumps you off to your own devices from there. Worse still, a disturbing number of the guides out there will have you looking and acting like a wild-eyed conspiracy theorist, a commando wannabe, or adopting some other personality that you definitely do not want or need. Far too many assume that you have (or are somehow looking to acquire) the advanced skills and tactics training that simply do not exist in the average person. Let's face it, you and I are ordinary people. We have jobs, kids, a spouse, hobbies, commitments, perhaps church and all the other things called life - which in turn eats into our time and money. That said, if you intend to survive chaos, collapse, or worse, you're going to have to have something to start with, or else you're as good as dead and/or exploited (though not necessarily in that order). To that end (that is, avoiding death and exploitation), I'd like to present a more common-sense guide for the ordinary person. I want to help you prepare for upheavals and chaos, protect your family and perhaps even live relatively cozy, in an age where the modern world may well cease to be. This won't require spending hours on end at the gun range, building a bunker, crawling around in a camouflage suit, or blowing tens of thousands of dollars at your local army surplus store. There is also no need to cast aside your entire way of life and go live in a cabin “off-grid”, either. Oh and this time you will only use tin-foil for cooking, not head-gear. I also want to keep the lingo and acronyms to an absolute minimum. Spewing such things as “TEOTWAWKI”, “BOL” and “SHTF” is a great shorthand for folks who are really into preparing for collapse, but they’re a mouthful when you're trying to teach ordinary people how to live through (and overcome) the unthinkable. videos Primitive Technology Series Primitive Technology - Barrel Tiled Shed.mp4 Primitive Technology - Baskets and Stone Hatchet.mp4 Primitive Technology - Bed Shed.mp4 Primitive Technology - Bow and Arrow.mp4 Primitive Technology - Charcoal.mp4 Primitive Technology - Chimney and Pots.mp4 Primitive Technology - Cord Drill and Pump Drill.mp4 Primitive Technology - Firesticks.mp4 Primitive Technology - Forge Blower.mp4 Primitive Technology - Freshwater Prawn Trap.mp4 Primitive Technology - Grass hut.mp4 Primitive Technology - Making poisonous Black bean safe to eat (Moreton Bay Chestnut).mp4 Primitive Technology - Mud Bricks.mp4 Primitive Technology - Natural Draft Furnace.mp4 Primitive Technology - New area starting from scratch.mp4 Primitive Technology - Palm Thatched Mud Hut.mp4 Primitive Technology - Planting Cassava and Yams.mp4 Primitive Technology - Reusable charcoal mound.mp4 Primitive Technology - Sandals.mp4 Primitive Technology - Simplified blower and furnace experiments.mp4 Primitive Technology - Sling.mp4 Primitive Technology - Spear Thrower.mp4 Primitive Technology - Stone Adze.mp4 Primitive Technology - Stone Axe (celt).mp4 Primitive Technology - Sweet potato patch.mp4 Primitive Technology - Termite clay kiln & pottery.mp4 Primitive Technology - Thatched Dome Hut.mp4 Primitive Technology - Tiled Roof Hut.mp4 Primitive Technology - Water powered hammer (Monjolo).mp4 Primitive Technology - Wattle and Daub Hut.mp4 Primitive Technology - Wood shed and Native bee honey.mp4 Primitive Technology - Woven bark fiber.mp4 ebooks 1 AF Manual 64-4 Survival USAF, July 1985.pdf Israeli Street Survival by Eugene Sockut.pdf Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson H Kearny.pdf Ragnar Benson - Survival Poaching.pdf SAS Survival Handbook by John Lofty Wiseman, 576p.pdf Scouting and Patrolling by Rex Applegate.pdf Survival Guns by Mel Tappan.pdf Survival Handbook - Raymond Mears.pdf Survival Instructor Handbook.pdf Survival Shelters.pdf Tappan's Survival Guide.pdf The SAS Self Defense Handbook by John Wiseman.pdf ebooks 2 Beyond Survival - Surviving and Rebuilding Civilization from Scratch.pdf Ragnar Benson - Survivalist Medical Chest.pdf Ragnar's Urban Survival by Ragnar Benson.pdf Social Chaos Survival Guide, 2004.pdf Street Survival Tactics for Armed Encounters.pdf Survival Evasion Fieldcraft.pdf Survival Wilderness Medicine Course.pdf The Survival Handbook.pdf tags: survival, self-defense, nuclear, war, scouting, poaching, medical, street, urban
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