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POtHS - Apollo Mission 20 - Found War In The Heavens On The Moon - Structures Wreckage Bodies

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The uploader didn't include a description and not having seen the videos for myself...well here we go. Who is in charge of concen now? It would be nice to have a description, yet is it worth not uploading because of the lack of one? I wasn't sure who to ask and this material seemed a little different from the norm, making it worth uploading.

A year ago, I downloaded a torrent called something like NASA Black Ritual Magick. The torrent was just a bunch of pictures from space. This got me thinking that these pictures are used in magick by looking/visualizing the planets; then casting your spell? Like I heard Saturn is satan and Venus is Lucifer. It kind of makes sense. The Illuminati seem really obsessed with space. I think it's part of their magick. For sure with the takeoffs, maybe opening up a portal or something. Could be sex magick too. Well, I have to stop typing now because my wrist STILL HURTS, from missing my jump over a bench on Saint Patties Day a year ago. It was weird because people kept coming up to me and saying that I should have broke it and this would have been better than a sprain. Too bad right?

Well at least I tried at a description.