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Poor Mans Microwave Ray Gun & Building an EMP Weapon

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Poor Mans Microwave Ray Gun & Building an EMP Weapon WARNING: Never point microwave-rays towards your eyes, since there are only few blood vessels in them, and you may go blind. Other parts of your body should not be exposed either, since your blood may start boiling, resulting in sudden death. The Poor Mans Ray Gun (Deadly Rays) by David Gunn Maser is an acronym that stands for Microwave Amplified Stimulated Emission of Radiation. As the name suggests, it is very similar to a laser which is an acronym, for Light Amplified Stimulated Emission of Radiation. There are three different types of radiation: mechanical radiation such as sound waves, electromagnetic radiation as in radio waves, and particle radiation where a radioactive material like uranium emits particles. A maser emits electromagnetic radiation. This radiation has several measurable properties. Frequency or wavelength is measured in hertz. Hertz is a measurement of how many complete waveforms occur in a one-second time frame. Amplitude measures the voltage or power of the wave. Masers emit radiation in the form of a concentrated beam, just as a laser emits a concentrated beam of light. The radiation leaving a maser does so at the speed of light (186,282 miles per second). The main difference between a laser and a maser is the frequency at which they operate. A maser operates in the microwave frequency range (about 300 billion hertz) and a laser operates in the frequency range of light (About 300 trillion hertz). Microwave's potential as a military weapon has been kept secret from the general public since its creation. Some intelligence agencies, whose names I won't mention here, like using such devices on people to make them go crazy - and no one will ever believe them - see file: GBPPR HERF Device.pdf How to Create an EMP Device An EMP, or electromagnetic pulse, is a fascinating phenomenon. Caused by a rapid acceleration of charged particles travelling at the speed of light, an EMP can easily disable electronics including household electrical equipment, automobiles, and even electric utility power grids. Inherent properties of electronic components make this possible. Electronic circuits act like antennas and “receive” the EMP which transfers energy quickly producing a heat surge that damages or destroys sensitive electronic components. An EMP's ability to quietly and invisibly disable electronic components makes them an excellent weapon for electronic warfare tactics. ebooks EMP Survival Handbook.pdf George B Collins - Microwaves and Magnetrons.pdf High Power Microwaves.pdf Microwave Projects.pdf Microwave Technology.pdf The Poor Mans Ray Gun (Deadly Rays) by David Gunn 1996 19p.pdf The Poor Mans Ray Gun (Deadly Rays) by David Gunn 1996 31p.pdf Understanding Microwaves - Allan W Scott, Wiley 1993.pdf text EMP Electromagnetic Pulse EMP Weapon.pdf EMP Gen.pdf EMP Generator.pdf EMP Weapons.pdf GBPPR How to Create an EMP Device.pdf patents Magnetrons Cavity Magnetron.pdf Early Microwave Magnetrons.pdf Invention of the Cavity Magnetron.pdf Magnetron Operation.pdf Magnetron, CST Whitepaper.pdf Radar Basics - Magnetron.pdf videos comment: Frankly, these two Russian guys in the videos are CRAZY, even by my standards. What a microwave oven is capable of. Magnetron microwave energy (720p).mp4 What a microwave oven is capable of. UHF microwave gun (720p).mp4 tags: weapons, microwave, ray, beam, gun, EMP, MASER, electromagnetic, magnetron
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