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Phoebe Marie Holmes - My Visit To The Sun - 1933

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Description taken from book: This is not a fantastic tale but rather, the actual mystical experiences of the author. Contents: The Celestial City in the Sun; The Philosophy of Heaven; The Second Coming of the Lord.

Personal comments: To anyone that has previously studied the hollow Earth theory, this book will really blow your mind. The author claims that she was taken, in the spirit, to the city of God that exist inside the Sun, which is also hollow!

This book also adds confirmation to the electric sun/universe theory that, so far as I know, didn’t even exist back in 1933 when this book was originally published. She was told not to worry about it though because science would later prove it out.

Whether you believe this author or not, this book makes for one VERY interesting read!

I’ve included two versions of the PDF. One large version with the original scans with selectable text and the other small version with text and pictures only. It is easier to read the small version in my opinion because of the very poor print quality of the text in the original book.

I had to painstakingly proof-read the entire book to fix all of the OCR errors because of the very poor print quality in the original book on some pages. This was such a unique and rare book that I believe it was worth the effort. Enjoy another ConCen exclusive! :)