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Phenomenon - The Lost Archives

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14 episodes of an intriguing series presented by Dean Stockwell (Al from Quantum Leap).

I don't know if these are genuinely from the days when real investigative reporting was on TV or if they are just all fake and misleading limited hangouts. Certainly, "Monopoly Men" you've probably seen already, or clips of, and covers a bunch of genuine stuff that is corroborated elsewhere. So that makes me interested in the rest of it.

I was shown "Genesis Revisited" as part of "The Template" - a series of ceremonies to re-establish the energetic human blueprint. They are basically a cult that believes aliens created the human race. It would explain a lot.

The H.A.A.R.P. episode was mentioned here recently.

Here's the list of episodes.
1 Irretrievably Lost - The Search for the Savannah Warhead
2 Up for Sale
3 H.A.A.R.P. Holes in Heaven
4 American Midnight
5 Keeping the Faith
6 HeavyWatergate - The War Against Cold Fusion
7 Noah's Ark Found?
8 Monopoly Men
9 Lost Lighting - The Missing Secrets of Nicola Tesla
10 Tunguska - The Russian Roswell
11 Stolen Glory - The Cover-up of Cosmonaut Vladimir Ilyushin
12 Science Fraud - Is the Tail Wagging the Dog?
13 Genesis Revisited
14 Unknown Encounter

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Interesting, thanks for sharing!

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