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Pharma Insider Ghislaine Lanctot Medical Mafia Vaccination 101

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Pharma Insider Ghislaine Lanctot Medical Mafia Vaccination 101 Full: Ex Big Pharma Insider Ghislaine Lanctot The Medical Mafia Vaccination 101 Ghislaine Saint-Pierre Lanctot, author of the book "The Medical Mafia" was a doctor specializing in venous medical science, founded numerous clinics in Canada and had a perfect reputation as a medical doctor until she published her book "The Medical Mafia" in 2004. In her book and this video she offers a bleak outlook on the consequences of the "sheep mentality" which allows the corporative medical and pharmaceutical industry to push through their agenda of permanently attacking our health with their products with the ultimate goal being to drastically reduce the population. At the same time she offers solutions how humanity can escape this demonic plan by becoming aware of its true power as infinite, harmonic and divine beings which first of all requires the abandonment of the sheep mentality. comment: Learn something about the illuminati medical system and how they'll use vaccinations to kill people and have them chipped. This information may save your children's life - and yours. The information she reveals is quite explosive - and quite shocking too. Every vaccination destroys a part of the brain. Talk about dumbing down the sheeple. Dumbed down sheeple aren't capable of seeing through the illuminati deception anymore and are willingly led to their own slaughter. It's a war on your mind. If you don't understand this then maybe it is because you have been vaccinated. ;-) ebooks Ghislaine Lanctot - The Medical Mafia, 2004.pdf pics 01 Ghislaine Lanctot.jpg 02 Ghislaine Lanctot.jpg 03 Ghislaine Lanctot.jpg 04 Ghislaine Lanctot.jpg The Big Picture.jpg videos The Swine Flu Fraud of 1976 on 60 Minutes.mp4 Vaccination 101 Dr Lanctot alias Ghis 1_4.mp4 Vaccination 101 Dr Lanctot alias Ghis 2_4.mp4 Vaccination 101 Dr Lanctot alias Ghis 3_4.mp4 WAC Ex Big Pharma Insider Ghis Lanctôt Message to the Youth.mp4 Zsac - Ghis skype interview 01.mp4 Zsac - Ghis skype interview 02.mp4 tags: vaccination, health, FDA, medical, illuminati, big pharma, conspiracy, chip, nwo, vaccine
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