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Peter Tompkins, complete non-fiction (pyramids and other mysteries)

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In honor of the great accomplishment by Nibs and all others who contributed to this site over the years, I am sharing something you won't find anywhere else on the Internet.

Peter Tompkins was an American journalist, World War II Office of Strategic Services spy in Rome, and best-selling author.

His works are classic texts that exist almost entirely in print format, sitting mostly un-read in public libraries and soon-to-be discarded shelves. I have patiently pulled this set together over the years, and share it here as a curated collection. It is rare, so please help seed. You won't find a better work on the Great Pyramid or the Mexican pyramids.

I wish there were audiobooks or video content so everybody could enjoy, but I guess this stuff is meant for the nerds who still read. Even my pleasure reading ability has been affected by the great crazy covid year.

Good luck to us all, and thank you Nibs and Concen for letting us come together over the strangest, most bizarre ideas imaginable.


Oh, I forgot to mention that Livio Catullo Stechhini did the appendix to the Great Pyramid book. Sacred geometry buffs should know his name. This is one of his rarer lucid pieces of writing. Also a good reason to share this collection.

Thanks for this collection. I did manage to find an audiobook for The Secret Life of Plants (I did not think to look for this before):

Thanks for these fascinating works. Read the Secret life of Plants as well as the Secret Life of Soil back in the seventies. This guy was way ahead of his time.

Delighted to meet and engage with another Tompkins fan! An actual reader from the 70s. I bow to you, sir! :)