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Peter Lindemann - The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity (2002)

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Peter Lindemann - The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity (2002)

Produced and narrated by Dr. Peter Lindemann, D.Sc.
Video: VHS or PAL. Taped September 12, 2000 in Irvine, California
Companion book: Published January , 2001 (same title)

Video Review: The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity by Peter Lindemann

Finally, long-time Free Energy researcher and aetheric science investigator Peter Lindemann D.Sc. steps up and tells all in a revealing new video recorded at a lecture given on the evening of September 12, 2000 before a private audience in Irvine, California. In the video, Dr. Lindemann explains exactly how Edwin Gray, Sr. produced what he called “cold electricity”. Gray had discovered that the discharge of a high voltage capacitor could be shocked into releasing a huge, electrostatic burst of ray like radiant energy. This energy spike was produced and captured in a special device Gray referred to as a “conversion element switching tube”. This cold (non shocking) form of radiant electrical energy produced in Gray’s switching tube was able to power anything (appliances, lights, motors, etc.) that consumed ordinary electricity regardless of whether it used AC or DC.

Dr. Lindemann, a 15 year board member and writer for Borderlands Science Research Foundation, explains that Gray and other successful free energy inventors such as Thomas Henry Moray had actually rediscovered what Nikola Tesla discovered and identified as aether based Radiant Energy in 1889 and was the technological basis for his 1910 Magnifying Transmitter built at Wardenclyffe on Long Island. NY. Peter also explains the design of the mystery shrouded Swiss Mathernitha Testatika machine as a Radiant Energy device using a Wimshurst generator to produce the high DC spike voltages required for the process. Using articles, patents, diagrams, schematics, and photographs from varied historical sources, Dr. Lindemann methodically pieces the Radiant Energy story together until the whole method is revealed and explained in its entirety. Fittingly, the video's cover jacket shows a brilliantly white, three foot tall flimmering stream of pure radiant energy fringed with purple/blue spikes (duplicated by Eric Dollard in 1986) appearing exactly as Tesla had described it in his journals over 100 years ago.

Section One of the video, The Beginning: The Work of Edwin Gray Sr. starts from 1973 with Lindemann’s early interest in Gray’s motor after becoming intrigued with a magazine article about his work. Section Two, The Rosetta Stone: Tesla’s Radiant Energy provided Peter with the key to understanding what Gray had actually built in contrast to the misleading information provided in Gray’s patents errors intentionally inserted to keep competitors in the dark. Section Three, Tying It All Together, Explaining the Schematics, clarifies with big screen close upstage errors and bogus circuitry that Gray employed in his patented schematics in order to conceal the true manner in which the device functioned. Based on the highly detailed and cogent explanations provided in this video, the competent experimenter is armed with the necessary technical and theoretical foundation to design a Radiant Energy device which is exactly what Peter Lindemann had in mind when he planned the video.

Book Review: The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity by Peter Lindemann

The book includes all of the lecture dialog from the tape, as well as additional chapters, articles and expanded notes that are not included in the video due to time constraints. Both Tesla's Radiant energy & Edwin Gray's complete patents and patent notes are included along with Peter's explanation and revised schematic of Gray's conversion element switching tube, the heart of Gray's cold electricity circuit. The complete text and original photo copies of all articles about Gray and Tesla alluded to in the video are there, along with clear, sharp, full page graphics of all schematics, photos, diagrams, etc. shown during the lecture. Peter includes additional articles authored by him relevant to Radiant energy. A well written and important reference guide to aid you in understanding the wealth of information presented in the video lecture.

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