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Battery Secrets™ by Peter Lindemann

Learn The Real Science Behind Keeping A Battery In Good Shape For A Theoretically Unlimited Number Of Charge Cycles - The Battery Industry Has Kept This Secret For a Long Time, And No Battery Rejuvenation Expert Is Going To Tell You This!

REVEALED: Learn why virtually all battery chargers on the market are designed to slowly KILL your batteries and what the chargers actually need to do in order to give them longer life!

Peter Lindemann has over 35 years experience teaching, researching and developing alternative energy technologies. Peter is an internationally recognized Tesla expert and is the founder of one of the oldest and most successful free energy websites on the internet.

From: Peter Lindemann, DSc
Date: Thursday, June 28, 2012Wednesday, January 11, 2012
RE: Battery Secrets™

Dear Friend,

Here is the simple truth. Battery companies are in the business of selling you batteries. If you had a lead acid battery that lasted for 50 years without needing to be replaced, that would sabotage their profits. This isn't some wild conspiracy theory, it is just good business...from their point of view.

Nine years ago, I started to work with John Bedini. John is a legend in the advanced energy technology field, builder of the highest quality solid-state audio amplifiers in the world, and creator of the most efficient battery chargers that were ever made.

During years of work and study, we discovered that batteries like to be treated and charged in a very specific way. After that, John simply designed circuits to provide the battery with what it was asking for. How hard is that?

When analyzing all of the battery charging systems from the major manufacturers, one thing became clear. They were all specifically designed to cause premature failure of the battery. This isn't theoretical - it actually happens.

By understanding what a battery is, from a chemical point of view, it is easy to see what the battery charger needs to do to treat the battery right. When this is done, it is theoretically possible to get an infinite number of charge and discharge cycles from the battery. That's right - theoretically infinite!

What it means is that it may be possible to have a lead acid battery last your entire lifetime, without ever having to be replaced. If the battery even lasted 5,000 cycles it would mean it would last for 15 years!

To appreciate this, you must understand that the battery industry has been pulling the wool over your eyes. They want you to believe that the lead acid battery is somehow flawed, and that it "naturally" wears out over time! This is simply NOT TRUE.

The fact of the matter is that conventional lead acid batteries are about as perfect as they need to be. It has never been a problem with the chemistry. It has ALWAYS been a problem with how the batteries have been charged.

Battery Secrets is the lecture I gave at the Second Bedini Technology Conference in July of 2011, in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. In this video lecture, I tell everything that John and I learned about what batteries are, how they work, and how they need to be charged to make them last a ridiculously long period of time!

When you learn what we learned, you will clearly see that the battery industry has hoodwinked everyone for the last 80 years, and that there is no indication they are planning to quit.

Therefore, by possessing the information that is shared in Battery Secrets, you will finally see, for the first time in your life, what the "rules of battery charging" really are. When you know the truth, it makes perfect sense; but until you know, it's a mystery.

Not only will you learn the above, but you will learn why 80% of the batteries that are on their way to the dump can be brought back to "like new" condition pretty easily! Some can even be brought back to 110% of the manfuacturer's rating. That's right! 110%. That means that some batteries can be brought back and have a HIGHER capacity than they had when they were brand new, right off the shelf.

This isn't a mystery once you know the facts, and you're not going to get these facts anywhere else. Old and damaged batteries do not have to be thrown away. They can be brought back to full, working condition with a little bit of knowledge, and the right kind of battery charger.

So, forget about EDTA and all the other "battery rejuvenation" methods you have heard about. Those products are just "band-aids" that never address why the batteries are failing in the first place!


Is this still available?

This looks really interesting especially for preparedness. Thanks!