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PedoGate 2020 - Official In-depth Exploration - pts 1 & 2 (Tom Hanx)

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PedoGate 2020 - Official In-depth Exploration - pts 1 & 2 (Tom Hanx)



We have entered a moment in history where the topic of Hollywood pedophiles and their online pedophile networks is easily a more pleasant topic than what's currently dominating the mainstream news. I'm sick of coronavirus and riots. Like many people I see on Twitter, I want to leave this Blue State where I live and never look back. The entire concept of government has been discredited for me. But I'm done talking about that topic for today. In his latest video, Mouthy Buddha takes us down a rabbit hole that he stumbled upon while looking through the bizarre photos that actor, Tom Hanks posts to his Instagram account. Hanks takes weird pictures of random gloves and shoes that he finds lying around, forlorn and forgotten.

In one picture, scrawled faintly in yellow chalk on the pavement next to a lost glove are the letters "SRC USA". As he does with everything, Mouthy popped that sequence of letters into the Russian search engine, Yandex. He wasn't really expecting anything, especially not another eerie confirmation of allegations that Tom Hanks is a pedophile but indeed, that's what he found. He says, "The term, 'SRC', which is typically short for 'source' or 'search' appears to act in this case as a kind of algorithmic glue for online predators on Yandex. These images are then collected and shared on Yandex profiles."Disturbing amounts of illegal child exploitation imagery are currently being catalogued and shared by predators on Russia's Yandex search engine. Terms like 'SRC USA', 'SRC KIDS', 'SRC BOYS' all surfaced images of children in varying degrees of dress, many with sexually explicit tags and comments...

"It's entirely possible that Tom Hanks has no connection to the term but it would have been misleading, even dishonest if I didn't include that this image was how the apparent code was discovered. "Additionally, because it included Tom Hanks, leaving out the testimonies of Isaac Kappy and Sarah [Ashcraft], would have also left out information we felt was pertinent. It's up to you to decide the authenticity of their claims. "But what I find most bizarre is that apparently, in general, Yandex knows this is a problem. Whether or not they're aware of the specifics in this documentary remains to be seen. "But it does appear that they're knowledgeable of the search engine's failure to eliminate images showing child sexual abuse, which begs the question, 'Why aren't they fixing it?'"