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**Peace Revolution episode 081: Self-Confidence vs. Social Engineering**

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**Peace Revolution episode 081: Self-Confidence vs. Social Engineering**

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**Reference Map to Episode 081**\ ** **

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**(01m-04m) `Why Diamond Engagement Rings Are A
Scam <>`__**

**(04m-6m30s) `Bloomberg: Inside
DeBeers <`__
(Netflix & Bloomberg TV)**

**(6m30s-7m) `Conflict Diamonds by Lupe
Fiasco <`__**

**(7m-9m) `Alan Watt & William Cooper on Media &
Entertainment <>`__**

**(9m-11m) `FLEMING: The Man Who Would Be
Bond <>`__**

**(11m-29m) Continuation of Mixed Clips from above in the Introductory

**(29m-34m) Sample from `1976 lecture by Dr. Antony C.
Sutton <>`__**

**(34m-40m) `Man Who Fled Communism Warns Oregon
Lawmakers <>`__**

**(40m-1h09m) Richard’s Introductory Monologue**

**2007-2036 DCDC Global Strategic Trends Programme**

**`\_Strategic\_Trends\_Programme <>`__**

**`\_v9\_Feb10.pdf <`__**

**` <`__**

**(1h09m-1h31m) `“Love Your Work” talk by Simon
Sinek <>`__**

**(1h31m-2h30m) `Alan Watt lecture “1938 RIIA Global
Meeting” <>`__ referring to
the Rhodesian “Royal Institute for International Affairs” created by the
Rhodes Roundtable Group**

**(2h30m-3h10m) `Dr. Antony C. Sutton’s 1976 lecture on Anglo-American
Financing of the Cold
War <>`__**

**(3h10m-4h20m) `The Pathological Methodology of Forced Schooling by
John Taylor
Gatto <`__**

**(4h20m-5h40m) `“I Beg to Differ on Darwinian Evolution” by Manly
Palmer Hall <>`__**


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