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The Pathological Optimist (2017)

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A profile of Dr Andrew Wakefield, the man behind the anti-vaccination movement, from 2011-2016 as he fights for his day in court.


Your day in court will never come because you are volunteering for a name that belongs to the very same people planning and pushing these agendas. The public is their playground and to experiment with all that participate and volunteer and worse yet protect the same whip that whips them into poverty and a life of shit work with measly pay. These are called idiots by the ones on the other side. The other is side is the private. What is your name? What is your name. My name is private and the most holy I posses. Do not give your most holy to the dogs as it has been warned in the good book :)

Vaccination is good, only if the viruses are colected from the same country in wich are the people vaccinated. And if the Corporation who is produce it is not a mass murderer, obiousely. Sorry, not a native english. :)