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Passionate Eye part 3

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Cocaine Wars: The struggle to move cocaine from South America to North America and the people who try to stop it.

Cocaine Wars: Drug Speedboats: Go undercover with drug agents trying to stop high speed drug boats that can smuggle up to $100 million worth of cocaine into North America. (includes rerun)

Holy Money: Vatican banking.

Interrupters: From acclaimed Hoop Dreams director Steve James, the surprising stories of three "violence interrupters," former Chicago gang members, who with bravado and humor try to protect their old neighbourhoods from the violence they once employed.

Mad Dog: The Secret World of Gaddafi

Pope and the Mafia: New pope Francis reforms Vatican banking.

Rise of ISIS: Canadian propaganda on the US proxy terrorist organization.

Silenced: The War on Whistleblowers: CIA prisons, tattle-tales, rule by deception, blame the US and ignore Canadian complicity.

Trials of Muhammad Ali: The battle that almost ended Muhammad Ali's career: his refusal to fight for the U.S. military in Viet Nam. Extraordinary archive and rare interviews reveal how, stripped of his boxing title and facing 5 years in jail, Ali risked it all to stand by his convictions. "Why should I travel 5,000 miles to go kill a man who never called me nigger?"