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Passionate Eye part 2

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Even more Canadian documentaries. This installment includes:

112 Weddings: A filmmaker looks back at weddings he filmed then and the ensuing marriages as they stand now some years later.

65 Red Roses: About a lung transplant. Won an award.

Bully: Bullying at public schools, seems to be mainly about a case in Arkansas.

India's Daughter: The Story of Jyoti Singh: About the gang-rape and murder of a girl in India and the ensuing controversy.

Queen of Versailles: Rich American family falls on somewhat hard times.

Secret Life of Babies. Includes rerun.

Staircase: Last Chance: Did he murder his wife by pushing her down the staircase? Explosive new developments lead to the release of convicted murderer Michael Peterson, the subject of the award-winning documentary 'The Staircase.' We revisit the case as forensic evidence is discredited and Peterson continues to proclaim his innocence.

Twin Sisters: Identical twin girls in China adopted out to separate families in foreign lands, one in urban America, the other in rural Norway. Now they meet again.


The Passionate Eye

The Secret Life of Babies

May 17, 2015 | 42:49

See babies as you've never seen them before. This beautifully shot, heart-warming, and scientifically revealing film offers a fresh perspective on baby development with stunning timelapse footage and amazing facts. the contents. Are they duplicates of the same episode?

Reruns, not always identical in duration and with slight changes in content. But in this case they look totally identical to me, so downloaders might want to choose one and skip the other.