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Partial Capture of the Christchurch NZ Shooting Facebook Stream

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A partial stream capture from the Facebook stream of the NZ Shooting.
h/t to GLL for the link.
Runtime: 1:15



Igan's filter is pretty good, I'm leaning towards his theories. Real video. Real shooting. Assassin working with a team. Lots of fakery floated out there to paint the theorists as retards so we can get censored and have our guns confiscated. Meanwhile at least a couple Christian Churches get shot up every month and not many people speak of it.

@ConCen thanks for the full stream

that guy has NEVER been trained by professionals as far as guns go.
it's self evident in his shit-tastic FIBUA/clearance.
when a blockage happens that is NOT how someone trained does it... ever..... ever and if you ever see someone try to clear a weapon like that.. punch them in the fucking face and tell them they are doing it fucking wrong!
his tactics were also shit. he's never had professional training in room clearance either, again very obvious.. no logical order to anything he did , again... showing a severe lack of training.
it was deffo a real shooting, no doubts about it. Having been in combat i can attest that was a genuine piece of footage in my opinion.
listened to Max Igan and agree and disagree on some points.
This guy was NOT a pro assassin as is fucking obvious from his crapioca weapons handling. his FIBUA/room clearances technique was fucking awful.
As I said there is NO FUCKING WAY this guy was professionally trained at all... seriously, well either that or his instructor was a full metal retard who had never even seen a gun.
LOL@ Max Igan pronouncing "Lewes" (pronounced "looz")as "Lewis".. Lewis is an island here in Scotland where they fuck sheep a lot

Shitty assassin it is then. Thanks for chiming in pax. Igan certainly isn't an expert on combat so I'll defer to your judgement.

Christchurch call was answered and guns are being confiscated right and left so government / criminals /mercenaries have a monopoly on violent force.

Hey FT.. hope all is well!