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Parity Talk February-15-2008 Another Day at the Mall 24kbps

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John and Tom go at it again
Welcome to the original Parity Talk show the show that is simply different.

We still seem to be locked in the shopping mall mentality, plagued with denial and unable to deal with genuine
reality. Our artificial lifestyle will probably continue for a bit longer and change will be impossible until people
finally realize that we can't go on being liars, con artists and frauds. Greed has no place in a civilized world.

Items covered this week:

We have got to get out of the shopping mall mentality.

The economy is worsening in the old country and the idea of common good is needed in these times, good will is finantially sound and a must

Using the analogy of George Romero people behave like zombies at the shopping mall.

A real discussion group is needed with the controllers in order to sort things out

The information we receive in the regular news minutia shape our views of the world. If we receive pointless information the our life will be pointless,, news such as the new adventure of prince harry and the 13 year old father mentioned.

Money itself is not the problem its the hoarding of it and the idea of earning interest of it that is causing all the hardship.

We reiterate “NO” tolerance for greed

Simplicity is the key we don’t need complex ideas or regulations.

What is behind the green agenda ? Is it a backdoor for worse evils ?

The tory wikipedia censorhip debate and does have Gordon Brown have a clue of what is going on ?

Analogy of the body as an economic system.

To think spiritually is to seek parity.

Entertainment is public relations

We are in standby till the bubble bursts.

Explanation given on the 93 % and 80/20 ratios

Gang warfare on the increase both in Canada and in Spain

There has got to be better things to do than complain fight or criticize John suggest a surprise plan.

We hope you have enjoyed the show
Please spread the word and listen in next week.

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