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Paranoia Magazine issue #53 - Dr. John Hall: Satellite Terrorism

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A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America By Dr. John Hall New York NY: Strategic Book Publishing, 2009 T here’s no escaping satellite surveillance and attack. Local law enforcement agencies won’t believe you, the FBI doesn’t know anything about advanced satellite surveillance, and the agencies that do aren’t going to publicize classified technology to help you.

Picture “a criminal in front of a computer wearing a headset and trying his best to drive you crazy” and realize that your brain may be the new tracking unit in the Surveillance State.

Dr. John Hall’s 2009 A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America is reminiscent of Nick Bryant’s 2009 exposé about Omaha, Nebraska, The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal , only it’s about San Antonio, Texas, “a city plagued by a new breed of sex offenders” and high-tech predators who illegally access “current satellite surveillance systems used by the government” (14) for their own nefarious pleasures and enterprises. Hall offers his best shot at explaining how this latest brand of organized stalking and electronic harassment (OS/EH) works. (See “Organized Stalking” at pdf.)

What struck me about Hall’s OS/EH tale was how jaded I’ve become. When he writes, “Trust me, the FBI is not going to ask your neighbors for permission to mount pan-tiltzoom cameras on their house to watch you” (46) and “What they didn’t realize is that I was writing their license plate numbers down . . . Unbelievable! These idiots were actually using their own vehicles,” I’m not even surprised by the I’ll-scratch-your-backyou-scratch-mine game that criminals, local police, and federal intelligence agencies play today.

So what is it about an anesthesiologist trained in Fort Worth that draws organized stalkers? Certainly the stalking set-up was typical: a controlled beautiful woman is used as a honey pot to ensnare the target. She works for a CIA cutout (Wachovia, “a diversified f inancial services” now become Wells Fargo) run by one of the perpetrators and lives in a condo owned by other perpetrators (William and Jane Bryant of Ariton, Alabama, perhaps related to William Bryant Jennings III, CIA MK-ULTRA programmer?) who also own the condos surrounding the honey pot and probably control the local Homeowners Association, as well. Add a State of Texas private investigator named Kenneth Franklin Higgins who is former FBI, whose brother is an Air Force lieutenant colonel, and whose wife’s brother and family perform OS/EH dirty tricks at his behest. Throw in a crooked alcoholic surgeon at the local hospital and well-placed friends at the Department of Public Safety (DPS) that licenses private investigators and are on the Texas Medical Board that licenses physicians, and you have the essentials for stalking and its cover-up.

Despite Hall’s slow realization over eight years that Mallory is a pawn in the OS/EH set-up— “As with other women from my past, [Mallory’s] place began getting broken into, appliances were disassembled, and the doors and walls were cut into, apparently for surveillance equipment . . . It was easy at that point to assume [Mallory] was part of whatever Harry’s criminals were doing to me” (40)—in Chapter 13, after rapes and break-ins galore, Hall’s depth of denial seems endless when he indulges in happilyever-after fantasies regarding Mallory’s pregnancy.

It was no surprise to me that the pregnancy would be terminated because the pattern is dismally familiar to anyone who has read Sue Ford/Bryce Taylor’s 1999 T hanks for the Memories , Cathy O’Brien’s 1995 TranceFormation of America , Kathleen Sullivan’s Unshackled: A Survivor’s Story of Mind Control , and other autobiographies of torture, terror, and control. Mary from Youngstown, Ohio (“strict Church of Christ upbringing”) and Mallory in San Antonio, Texas are more of the same of cult, MK-ULTRA, or at the very least severely abused women whose families collude with perpetrators, whether criminals or intelligence agents. How do we know? Examine the patterns:

1) Mallory, pursuing a BA in business psychology at Incarnate Word University, looks like Nicole Kidman; (2) she is antigun but after minimal training consistently hits bulls-eyes at 100 yards; (3) she’s hired to work at Wachovia as a mortgage broker by probable CIA-man Travis Howell who then transfers to another building, perhaps to set up yet another target; (4) she shows “symptoms of control”: heavy drinking, extreme emotional states, etc.; (5) she rejects Hall’s evidence of harassment but mumbles or screams at the voices she obviously hears; (6) drugged with Rohypnol and GHB, she is amnestic for the rapes and abuse; (7) Dr. Harry Shelby (a surgeon perpetrator) previously performed a tympanoplasty on her left ear, pointing to the probable insertion of a transponder chip.

As to why these low-lifes would target an anesthesiologist, Hall indicates that in Texas at least it’s not all that uncommon. He mentions two other anesthesiologists who were OS/EH targets: one with the temerity to marry Dr. Shelby’s former mistress, and the other interviewed in Sharon Weinberger’s "Mind Games", Washington Post Sunday edition, January 14, 2007. Anesthesiologists are handy when it comes to brainstalking. “If you’ve ever been to a neurologist or had an anesthetic for surgery, you’ve probably had an [electroencephalogram] EEG or spectral analysis of your EEG called [a bispectrum or] BIS” (18). EEGs reveal the brain’s electrical activity in frequency waveforms, each waveform representing a different functional state of waking (alpha and beta), dreaming (theta), or sleeping (delta). An anesthesiologist would know how to measure evoked potentials or responses (as distinct from the spontaneous potentials detected by EEGs) so as to keep neural pathways normal—all of which OS/EH satellite terrorism needs. As Hall writes, “During REM sleep, the reading of your state of consciousness through EEG is primo to perpetrators of satellite voyeurism . . . Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has taken brain monitoring technology quite a bit further than the antiquated monitoring we’re still using today in medicine” (18).

Beginning with a reference to John Fleming’s 1996 “The Shocking Menace of Satellite Surveillance,” Hall sets out to describe what he calls satellite terrorist technology. “ An array of imaging modalities that are used include thermal infrared, basic camera imaging, and X-ray ” (15). Not only can CIA and NSA satellites read the writing on a penny outside your home, but they can read your body heat signature and view and listen through walls. So they know when you’re home and when your neighbors aren’t watching, and “hearing voices in your head” no longer means schizophrenia but could just as well be microwave hearing or ultra-low frequency (ULF) broadcasting.

ULF broadcasting: voices transmitted through nearby vibrations that only the targeted individual (TI) can hear. Microwave hearing: direct microwave-transmitted sound to the cochlear microphone system of the ear (US Army “Addendum to the Nonlethal Technologies” NGIC-1147-101-98).

Beyond the usual “nonlethal” weapons employed during OS/ EH satellite terrorism (electromagnetic radiation, microwave, laser and ultrasonic weapons, and particle beams), Hall explains how DARPA has taken brain monitoring further than you can imagine, namely into surface EEG processing and functional MRI (fMRI).

fMRI: Magnetic resonance imaging uses a powerful magnetic f ield to make nuclei produce a rotating magnetic field so a scanner can visualize detailed internal structures, whereas the fMRI measures signal changes in the brain due to changing neural activity. “Every thought you hear, emotion you feel or any lie you tell will light up different areas of the brain, allowing those monitoring you to assess your emotional state and honesty” (19).

Surface EEG processing receives thought generating your particular EEG surface pattern of brain activity, then converts it back into your voice for a monitor to decipher. Brain fingerprinting. Via satellite, you can be tracked anywhere and your thoughts listened to.

Your brain is the new tracking unit.

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I used to upload lots under the nickname geogaddi00 I stepped away from uploading for many reasons, but the main reason was because I became victim to harsh NSA surveillance and "electronic harassment". There are many items of interest I could upload, but the article high-lighted in here is the most well-researched on this particular subject, particularly as it pertains to what I have personally experienced. By the way, I would like to add that NSA are also on this site - as genuine users, but also to spread disinfo and Satanic/Illuminati knowledge. Ironically, they have been frequent contributors to this site - so this issue of mine comes with very mixed feelings. However, their harassment has become much more ridiculous recently and I am sort of pressed to share my findings here...

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