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The Overlords of Chaos (2012) [site mirror]

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The Overlords of Chaos (2012)

updated: 25.12.2012

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"Invariably, explanations of historical events are simple yet diabolical. Moreover behind the scenes, those who understand such things believe the following to be quite true:

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

It is a mental condition those who wield true power on Earth (the Global or Power Elite) wish to preserve. For, if the deluded masses (the serfs or Useless Eaters) were made cognizant of their condition of servitude they would be moved to do something about it, which would be problematic to their masters (the Power Elite) who want power over them with the least trouble as possible. For, the ideal tyranny is that which is ignorantly self-administrated by its victims and so the most perfect slaves are those who blissfully and unwittingly enslave themselves. Moreover, who like Winston Smith, the failed hero in Orwell's prophetic book, become to "love their servitude".

Similarly, those who are hopelessly ignorant of the pernicious and precarious nature of the modern financial system are, by their blind obedience to it, slaves to the money-masters who control it. These masters of the modern world are the men of unique wealth and influence who control, by a complete and complex Matrix of Evil, the banking and financial systems of the world and by that the economic and political spheres in human affairs. These men of fabulously unique wealth and influence are not known to the masses since they conduct their affairs in great secrecy - in dark unions and secret meetings- far away from public scrutiny.

Yet, their influence in human affairs is massive. Unfortunately, this massive influence is far from benign since it serves a far larger agenda that is nothing less than the establishment of a New World Order - with its One World Government and its One World Religion: in other words, the Last Secular Global Kingdom under the rule of Antichrist ... in other words, the Beast System that is Kingdom of Antichrist on Earth.

Control of the World Financial System is integral to the success of the Ancient Evil Agenda for World Government often called the New World Order. Consequently, any proper study of the modern financial system and those who control it must have as its central theme this Ancient Evil Agenda for the establishment of the New World Order, otherwise it is deficient at least, dishonest at most, but either way wholly inadequate to its subject. With this in mind, and for those with the eyes to see, the obvious precarious nature and apparent instability of the modern financial system can be understood as merely a tool, a very useful and very, very powerful tool, to be used by sinister secret powers to bring about desired ends.

The Secret Masters of this world, the true Lords of Power, have created the modern financial system along predefined lines for very definite purposes. Moreover, the periodic crashes of markets that uninformed and dishonest sources tell us are beyond the ken or influence of individuals or groups are an integral part of this process. In short: modern financial markets are manipulated by dark forces and do not move or crash without the knowledge of these Secret Masters. Moreover, the ignorant masses are merely pawns in the Great Game, which is an Ancient Evil Plan to Transform Society. In other words, it is the Ancient Dream of the Secret Societies, their "Ancient Hope," their "Big Idea of the New World Order" under their spiritual leader, the New Age Christ - The Antichrist - who is verily one of the Two Beasts described by John the Divine in the Book of Revelation.

Although the New World Order has been called various names, such as the "Ancient Hope", World Government, Global Governance, Internationalism and Globalism, they are all ultimately the Kingdom of Antichrist. And in this sense, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion should be viewed as a genuine revelation of this plot to enslave mankind and enthrone an "aristocracy based on wealth" whose spiritual and temporal capital will be Jerusalem and whose spiritual source is the malefic spirit of immense power often called Satan but who is also called Ahriman. An ancient dream described in the words of the unknown author of the Protocols:

"We shall set up a super government that shall subdue all the nations of the world."

This plot has been unfolding for centuries before the Eye of History and can be seen today in the relentless destruction of, in the words of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, "all collective forces except ours." These "collective forces" are all things that underpin human existence and give society cohesion and individuals' identity, meaning and purpose but, especially, the concepts of Race, Religion, Nation and Family, all of which are products of Natural Moral Order. And, it is this Natural Moral Order, brought about in its entirety by the Will of God, which is the true target of the Dark Powers acting on Earth at whose head seat enthrone two spirits of immense power that are the Dark Gods, Ahriman and Lucifer, who are verily the two faces of Evil.

Although there is a definite spiritual awakening occurring on Earth, and more and more people are becoming aware that something is not quite right with things, it is a depressing fact that the majority of humanity are wholly ignorant of the dire predicament they are in. That they are hopelessly enslaved in a material existence that is largely controlled by Secret Masters and that key to this enslavement is their dependence upon, and blind obedience to, the modern financial system.

Fundamental to the control of the modern financial system is the Central Banks and the few conjoined, intermarried families who own them, and pre-eminent among these are Rothschild and Rockefeller: respectively the European and North American foci of the Great Conspiracy whose exoteric organization and activities are often referred to as the Anglo-American Establishment. Thus, the bankers and corporations associated with the Rothschilds and Rockefellers are part of the vanguard of the Great Conspiracy, representing a sort of corporate aristocracy, but they are not its leaders - this great power lies elsewhere; and those who hold it are verily the Lords of Power and are, in the temporal sense, truly the Masters of our Destiny.

However, this lesser power - the Corporate Aristocracy often called the Anglo-American Establishment - have controlled Western governments, the media and education for more than a century. Moreover, Freemasonry, Communism, Socialism, Liberalism, Zionism, Neo-Conservativism, Feminism, the Homosexual Agenda, Multiculturalism and more are all their instruments of control since the attack on Natural Moral Order is perforce all encompassing and acts on all levels of human existence. The Lords of Power via their control of the Anglo-American Establishment are responsible for most modern wars, rumors of wars, "international terrorism", economic depressions and the modern mass wave of non-white immigrants into the West all of which are designed to degrade and demoralize humanity but they are especially designed to destroy Western Christian Civilization."

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comment: I've put these files in an .iso container, otherwise the resulting torrent file is way too big. This is high-quality information. Essentially this is a mirror of a website. It is rare to encounter a book containing as much meaningful information as can be found on this site. It is up to you to qualify its credibility.

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