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Our Entire Society Is One Big Satanic Ritual - Mark Passio

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Our Entire Society Is One Big Satanic Ritual
- Mark Passio, July 2019

An eye-opening 2-part presentation taken from the "What On Earth Is Happening" podcast/video series.

Our Entire Society Is One Big Satanic Ritual (Part 1)
What On Earth Is Happening - Episode #214


  • Mark’s background as a priest in the Church of Satan as Reverend Mark Rhochar
  • Our Satanically-structured society
  • Review of satanism from De-Mystifying The Occult Part II
  • Satanism is an ancient Occult Religion comprised of a diverse world-wide network of adherents
  • Satanists as highly advanced ancient psychologists
  • Psychological manipulation of the human race
  • Dark Occultists maintain their power differential through occulted knowledge
  • Satan as the Adversary or Opposer of Natural Law
  • The Ego-driven Self is the “God” of modern Satanism
  • Christian devil-worship is NOT what modern Satanism is
  • Satanists refer their ideology as “The Old Religion”
  • The Four Main Tenets of the Satanic ideology
  • Egotism, the Satanic Worldview is that Service-To-Self is life’s highest goal
  • Moral Relativism
  • Social Darwinism
  • Eugenics and Epi-Eugenics
  • Mind-Controlled Selective Breeding
  • True Evolution vs. Involution
  • Involution as the Adversarial dynamic in nature
  • Genius-level individuals in the world-wide Satanic Network
  • The Satanic rulers of the world as “The Order of Death” or “The Cult of the Black Sun”
  • De Facto Satanism (Satanism In Deed)
  • Mini-Me Satanism
  • The “Money” of the Satanic Ruling Class is children
  • Earth is a Prison and a Zoo
  • Evolution/Syntropy as the Ordering Force within Creation
  • Involution/Entropy as the force of Decay and Chaos
  • “Sects” of Modern Satanism
  • Over-arching goal of Satanism is to destroy Human Freedom
  • Organized Crime Syndicates are directly controlled by the Dark Occult
  • Left-Wing and Right-Wing Politics as the two major “Sects” of Satanism
  • Corporatism, Socialism, Fascism Communism, and Totalitarianism all stem from Satanism
  • The Methods and Social Manifestations of Satanism
  • The Natural World vs. Artificial Constructs
  • The Satanic Inversion Principle, the Aspects of Reality which satanists always seek to invert
  • Unconscious humans referred to as “The Dead” by Satanists
  • The Master-Slave Society and its true structure
  • Human Slavery continues due to Ignorance, Apathy, Cowardice and Inaction, which is a Free-Will Choice


Our Entire Society Is One Big Satanic Ritual (Part 2)
What On Earth Is Happening - Episode #215


  • Pre-requisites
  • Modern society as a Death-Cult
  • The Order Of Death, The Cult Of The Black Sun
  • The term "Illuminati" as a tragically wrong misnomer
  • Poisoning of the human biological system through the air, water and food
  • Pollution from oil-base combustion engines
  • Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (SAG) Stratospheric Aerosol Injections (SAI)
  • Geoengineering, Operation Cloverleaf
  • Chemtrails vs. Contrails
  • Alkalization of soil destroys the ability to grow high-nutrient food
  • Scientific Methodology and the Trivium and Quadrivium
  • "Negative Knowledge"
  • Plasmification of Earth's atmosphere
  • Dr. Nick Begich, Thomas Bearden
  • Action-At-A-Distance Weaponry, Scalar Interferomentry, Clifford Carnicom
  • Fluoride in our drinking water, Fluoride Poisoning
  • Benefits of Distilled Water and Structured Water, Reverse Osmosis
  • Toxins in our food
  • "Natural Cures" book by Kevin Trudeau
  • Making people sick through food and drugs so they can’t think clearly or resist
  • Poisoning human beings through Vaccines, Modern human diseases caused by Vaccination
  • Autism is a spectrum of Vaccine Damage and not a disease
  • The Death-Cult of our modern Medical System
  • Dr. Russell Blaylock
  • War as an endless Mass Human Satanic Sacrifice Ritual, Glorification of War in video games
  • Freedom is inherent to Creation and is NEVER provided by soldiers
  • False Flag Events as Mass Human Satanic Sacrifice Rituals
  • False Flag events vs. Hoax Flag events, the Hegelian Dialectic
  • "Shadow Ring" documentary
  • The 9-11 False Flag Human Sacrifice Ritual, World Trade Center Building 7
  • 7-7 in London as a False Flag Sacrifice Ritual
  • The Dark Occult Mind Controllers, Social Engineering
  • The Mass Slaughter of Animals a Perpetual Satanic Sacrifice Ritual
  • The Interference Theory of Human Origins
  • Abortion as a Perpetual Satanic Sacrifice Ritual
  • Righteous Physical Rebellion is ALWAYS an option if a Revolution in Consciousness fails
  • Rampant Pedophilia in human society
  • Our Prison Society, 2.3 million Americans are incarcerated in prisons, 90% of incarcerated Americans are caged for non-violent "crimes"
  • Prohibition is Slavery, Taxation is Slavery
  • The Gramsci Plan of the "Long March through the Cultural Institutions"
  • Our Money-Worshiping Society, the Dark Occult's "God" named Baal/Bel/Bil/Bull (B-L variants)
  • Our Me-Me-Me Self-Centered and Self-Obsessed Society as Mini-Me Satanism

Mark Passio - What On Earth Is Happening


Thanks for sharing!

Does he ever talk about how big the satanic church is?
Or how well funded?
What influence it has?
Is it secret? What’s their website? Where are their churches?
Are they hiding children in tunnels? etc

I think Passio want to say that Satanism is branch of Gnosticism...Gnosticism is the spiritual source of many religions, cults and sects, including present-day Kabbalah.