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Other People's History of, similar to Howard Zinn

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This is a collection of works similar to People's History, but by different authors. In particular, I recommend "A People's History of Science"...

Chris Harman - A People's History of the World - From the Stone Age to the New Millennium 2008
Clifford Conner interview in Rockefeller University Newsletter April 2006.pdf
Clifford D. Conner - A People's History of Science - Miners, Midwives, and Low Mechanicks 2005
David Perry - A People's History of Tennis 2020.pdf
David Williams - A People's History of the Civil War - Struggles for the Meaning of Freedom, ed Howard Zinn
Diana Butler Bass - A People's History of Christianity - The Other Side of the Story.pdf
Eric Hazan - A People's History of the French Revolution 2014
Joy Lisi Rankin - A People’s History of Computing in the United States 2018
Michael Parenti - The Assassination of Julius Caesar - A People's History of Ancient Rome 2003.pdf
Peter Irons - A People’s History of the Supreme Court, with foreword by Howard Zinn.pdf
Stephen Pimpare - A People's History of Poverty in America
Vijay Prashad - The Darker Nations - A People's History of the Third World, ed Howard Zinn.pdf

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