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ORMUS Orgonite Neutralizing Radiation and Chemtrails videos ebooks

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ORMUS Orgonite Neutralizing Radiation and Chemtrails videos ebooks

Learn how to neutralize illuminati scalar and emf technology and nuclear radiation radioactive fallout - the anti-elite kick ass pack. This is a wonderful lecture by a modest but smart guy named Ken Rohla about monatomic elements and the magical powers contained in them and how old priests used them to gain magical powers such as levitation, powers that can also be used to heal nature from man's negative influence including your own body which is a part of nature. He will also talk about the use of microbes and fungi to make growing organic food much more effective. Learn how to structure dangerous radiation from cell phone towers with scalar vortices generated by holy hand grenades HHG. Use scalar fields to solve your sleep problems. This may all sound like new age bullshit but I think there's more to it. You may remember my torrent with Konstantin Meyl about scalar technology and then Tesla had been working with scalar fields too. The inter-cellular communication in your body is based on scalar technology and your consciousness interacts with your body-mind through scalar fields. Balancing the right and left hemispheres of your brain turns it into a scalar transmitter and leads to telepathic powers. You may even clear out smog - and chemtrails - from the sky over big cities with this technology. Drunvalo has been talking about this in his heart book. Enhance your personal spiritual evolution with monatomic elements (monatomic gold, white powder gold). NOTE: I'm looking for the e-book by Laurence Gardner - Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark - if you own this then please seed. I'll then make an audiobook out of it.


Ken Rohla How to Neutralize Radiation and Chemtrails from the Sky Your Garden and Your Body.mp4 - great lecture
Laurence Gardner - Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark DivX.avi
Chris Emmons - ORMUS _ Modern Day of Alchemy.pdf
Commander Loohan - The Ultimate Truth about Coils.pdf
Crystal Healing.pdf
Crystals Gems Stones.pdf
Don Nance - Method of Making ORMUS and White Powder Gold.pdf
Edgar Cayce on Atlantis Great Crystal.pdf
Georg Ritschi - Operation Paradise _ Effective environmental healing with orgone energy.pdf
Good Tips for Making Orgonite.pdf
Greg Montgomery - Rock Powder Medicine Report 2011.pdf
Joannes Agricola - Treatise on Gold and Alchemical Medicines.pdf
Jon Horrocks - Trinity Wand Picture Tutorial Orgonite Wand.pdf
Jon Logan - Bioenergy and Orgone Matrix Material 2005.pdf
Jon Logan - Elementary Orgone Machines.pdf
Jon Logan - How Orgone Matrix Material Works.pdf
Jon Logan - Modern Orgone.pdf
Jon Logan - Orgone Field Pulser Construction.pdf
Jon Logan - Orgonite Ingredients Amp Effects.pdf
Jon Logan - Orgonite Octahedron Tutorial.pdf
Jon Logan - Orgonite.pdf
Jon Logan - ZPE Orgone 0.pdf
Laurence Gardner - Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark _ excerpt.pdf
Michael Gienger - Healing Cristals _ the A-Z guide to 430 gemstones.pdf
Orgone and Orgonite Dossier.pdf
ORMEs 12 Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark.pdf
Ormus - Spiritual and Medicinal Gold With Incredible Healing Potential Emoto.pdf
Ormus - What Is It.pdf
ORMUS and Pyramids.pdf
Ormus Derivation.pdf
ORMUS FAQ by Barry Carter.pdf
ORMUS Manifestation.pdf
ORMUS mono atomic elements.pdf
The Myth Magic Murder of Ormus.pdf