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The Orion Conspiracy (2008) 720p English German

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The Orion Conspiracy (2008) 720p English German English, German and Portugese editions More than fifty years of misinformation and manipulation in the shadow of the media have divided and impoverished public opinion, so as to control it all the better. This film is neither a work of fiction, nor a documentary. Forget the words "esoteric" or "fantastic", here we're speaking about reality... The Orion conspiracy is not a conspiracy I've ever heard of but the tag line "the only new things are those which have been forgotten" is very memorable. The man explains his theory to a three persona audience, looking similar to a judging panel. The man shows several photos of unidentified flying objects and extraterrestrial life as he explains his presentations. This film is probably a fake, but very inspirational anyways. Sometimes the truth is being portrayed as fiction to debunk the truth and make it look ridiculous. We as Americans and as human beings need to wake up and face the facts. We cannot be allowed to be manipulated and controlled mentally through the monopolized media. The global leaders running our government have been in control for far too long. Don't fall asleep and allow them to take the next step in global domination without being prepared. The false flag mentioned in the film will be dropped soon, probably sooner than you might think. Imagine a huge UFO appearing over every major city of the world - how many of us would be capable of resisting such a strategy of shock and awe, how many of us would be capable of exposing such an event as a deception and a fraud? videos A Conspiração Orion ! The Orion Conspiracy.mp4 Die Orion Verschwörung - Deutsche Synchronisation.mp4 The Orion Conspiracy.mp4 *** General Parameters *** - Name: The Orion Conspiracy.mp4 - Container: MP4 - QuickTime - Size: 125.83 MB - Duration: 19mn 39s - Bitrate: 855 Kbps *** Video Track Parameters *** - Format: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC - Bitrate: Max.: --- / Average: 723 Kbps / Min.: --- - Frame rate (fps): Max.: --- / Average: 25.000 / Min.: --- - Encoding profile: Main@L3.1 - Image size: 1280*720 - Pixel Aspect Ratio: Undefined - Display Aspect Ratio: 16:9 - Interlacing: Progressive tags: UFO, conspiracy, Orion, ancient, civilizations, deception, aliens, false flag
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