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Origin and Criticism of the Trinity Doctrine - A Collection

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Origin and Criticism of the Trinity Doctrine – A Collection:

It is well known that monotheism was a basic belief for Moses and the Jews. Jesus Christ was a Jew, and he repeatedly insisted that He came to fulfill the Torah and the Prophets, not to destroy them. History tells us that Trinity was introduced into Christianity in the 4th century.

This collection contains::

1- The Formulation of the Doctrine of the Trinity.
By: Lynnford Beachy.
Publisher: Smyrna Gospel Ministries.

2- The Origin of the Doctrine of the Trinity – A Popular Exposition.
By: Rendell Harris. (1919).

3- Origin of the Doctrine of Trinity.
By: Hugh H. Stannus. (1882)

4- The Doctrine of Christ – A Spiritual and Historic Examination of the Trinity.

5- Some Account of the Origin and Progress of Trinitarian Theology.
By: James Forrest. (1853)

6- The Two Babylons or The Papal Worship.
By: Alexander Hislop. (1903)

7- One God the Father - Monotheism of the Gospel.
By: Thomas .F. Braham. (1867)

8- Doctrine of Trinity Not Founded on Scripture.
By: William .H. Drummond. (1831)

9- The Church of the First Three Centuries.
By: Alvan Lamson. (1875)

10- The Arian Controversy.
By: Manedel Creighton. (1889)

11- Michael_Servetus
By: Servetus International Society (SIS)
A believer in the Unity of God who was executed for his beliefs.

12- Channing - A Selection from The Works of Channing.
By: William Ellery Channing. (1855)

13- Logical Fallacies Employed in Trinitarian Theology.
Published by: Biblical Unitarians.

14- On Son of God and Holy Spirit
By: John Milton. (1908)

15- On Newton and the Trinity.
By: John Byl.
An article discusses the evidence that Isaac Newton denied Trinity.

16- The Gospel of Barnabas.
Edited and Translated from the Italian MS. In the Imperial Library at Vienna.
By: Lonsdale and Laura Ragg. (1907)
One of the banned Gospels for it teaches the Oneness of God and Jesus is a Prophet from God.