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ORBS - Interacting with Other Realms by Freddy Silva

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by Freddy Silva
Humanity has forever searched for an intimate connection with Spirit. In ancient times our ancestors built colossal monuments for honouring and communicating with the invisible, and their efforts still stand as testament to a perfect craft.
But lately the invisible seems to be manifesting across the Earth: new temples appearing in the fields of 29 countries bear the same spiritual technology that is encoded in ancient sacred sites. For indeed the crop circles, just as pyramids, cathedrals, standing stones and other pagan sacred sites are revealing a legacy left to us by our ancestors— that other levels of reality are but a whisper away, and if you know where to stand, you can connect with them.
All such portals share an identical spiritual technology: they work with sound, they alter human awareness, they heal, they harness and amplify magnetic fields, and now, they are locations where the manifestation of light forms are taking place.
In his Palm Springs presentation, Freddy Silva will demonstrate how all temples and genuine crop circles are strategically placed at those special points along the Earth— the interstellar conveyor belts— locations where information can be received and coded. He will also share his experiments in Luxor, Edfu and Abydos temples that vectored orbs; how Egyptian altars, crop circles and the human soul are linked via resonance; how orbs may be expression of one’s own soul; the manifestation of light forms in crop circles; and how, from time to time, these forms manifest among us in physical form.

FREDDY SILVA is the best-selling author of Secrets in the Fields. He is also a leading researcher into the interaction between temples and consciousness, and recently directed the documentaries Stairways To Heaven: The Practical Magic Of Sacred Space and In The Footsteps Of Isis.


Is it possible to reseed this?

Or perhaps his book about the subject: Secrets in the fields?

Thank you very, very much!

He was in a current online event (Portal to Ascension 2020 Day 2) 10/02/2020 (about 45 mins in)
Amazing how timeless this info is, haven't heard anything better on this subject. Would be interested in other opinions if they have heard anyone else that has improved on this (if at all).