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Operation Mind Control • Cryptocracy's Plan to Psychocivilize You (1994)

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From 911truthncDotOrg:

"Walter Bowart with Ned Potter
The Cryptocracy's Plan to Psychocivilize You
By Walter Bowart"

"I'm pleased to see this is now available on YouTube: a classic interview with my late friend and colleague, Walter Bowart, author of the groundbreaking book Operation Mind Control, which was published by Dell Books in 1978, then expanded considerably and republished in a limited edition by Flatland Books in 1994. I happen to know Walter updated the book a third time in 2002, but he passed away (on December 18, 2007) before that version could see print. Operation Mind Control has been out of print for far too long.

No journalist researched the subject of U.S. government mind control operations as thoroughly as Walter Bowart. Walter's strange and dramatic life story has yet to be told in full (his considerable achievements extended far beyond investigative journalism), but for now I suggest taking the time to listen to this in-depth history of covert malfeasance from the viewpoint of a researcher who dedicated much of his life to wresting the cryptocracy's most guarded secrets from behind a nearly impenetrable wall of National Security.

This 1994 interview, conducted by researcher Ned Potter, can be heard in full by clicking HERE ( . Posted by Robert Guffey at 4:33 PM "

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