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Open Entrance To The Closed Palace of the King

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"An Open Entrance to the Closed Palace of the King
by An Anonymous Sage and Lover of Truth
This page copyright © 2001 Blackmask Online.
· CHAPTER I. Of the need of Sulphur for producing the Elixir
· CHAPTER II. Of the Component Principles of the Mercury of the Sages
· CHAPTER III. Concerning the Chalybs of the Sages
· CHAPTER IV. Of the Magnet of the Sages
· CHAPTER V. Of the Chaos of the Sages
· CHAPTER VI. Of the Air of the Sages
· CHAPTER VII. Of the First Operation −− Preparation of Mercury by means of the Flying Eagles
· CHAPTER VIII. Of the Difficulty and Length of the First Operation
· CHAPTER IX. On the Superiority of our Mercury over All Metals
· CHAPTER X. On the sulphur which is in the Mercury of the Sages
· CHAPTER XI. oncerning the Discovery of the Perfect Magistery
· CHAPTER XII. The Generic Method of Making the Perfect Magistery
· CHAPTER XIII. Of the Use of Mature Sulphur in the Work of the Elixir
· CHAPTER XIV. Of the Circumstantial and Accidental Requisites of our Art
· CHAPTER XV. Of the Incidental Purging of Mercury and Gold
· CHAPTER XVI. Of the Amalgam of Mercury and Gold, and of their respective Proportions
· CHAPTER XVII. Concerning the Size, Form, Material, and Mode of Securing the Vessel
· CHAPTER XVIII. Of the Furnace or Athanor of the Sages
· CHAPTER XIX. Of the Progress of the Work during the First Forty Days
· CHAPTER XX. Of the Appearance of Blackness in the Work of the Sun and Moon
· CHAPTER XXI. Of the Caution required to avoid Burning the Flowers
· CHAPTER XXII. Of the Regimen of Saturn
· CHAPTER XXIII. Of the different Regimens of this Work
· CHAPTER XXIV. Of the First Regimen, which is that of Mercury
· CHAPTER XXV. The Regimen of the Second Part, which is that of Saturn
· CHAPTER XXVI. Of the Regimen of Jupiter
· CHAPTER XXVII. Of the Regimen of the Moon
· CHAPTER XXVIII. Of the Regimen of Venus
· CHAPTER XXIX. Of the Regimen of Mars
· CHAPTER XXX. Of the Regimen of the Sun
· CHAPTER XXXI. Of the Fermentation of the Stone
· CHAPTER XXXII. The Imbibition of the Stone
· CHAPTER XXXIII. The Multiplication of the Stone
· CHAPTER XXXIV. Of Projection
· CHAPTER XXXV. Of the Manifold uses of this Art"

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