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One example

of why the USA should not go to war with Russia.

An example of potential future ground troops, starting with the USA :

And this is how the Russians do it :

Who do YOU think would win a boots on the ground conflict,
the mollycoddling Americans or the insanely anally perfectionist Russians ?

And just when you were beginning to think that cats were funny...

is this flame wars ?

is this flame wars ?

nofunclub wrote:
nofunclub wrote:

is this flame wars ?

I could not think what other category this could fit in, and in a way it is. ;)

Wanna see how ?
JFK goes looking for epic Scottish Parkour fails. he he.

Edit to add :
Damn, I guess we'd better not go to war with Scotland either. :o


Bavaria they used to run an annual escape and evasion competition.
the top five generally never had any US units in it.
Usually they were filled by UK(S.A.S,14 Int-aka The Det which then became the Special reconnaissance Regt-Parachute Regiment and royal Marines)
Russians Spetznaz and other units i cannot remember the name of.
Germans actually had a police unit compete the GSG9 who were pretty fucking good i might add.
And the Israeli's scored well too ..their units were mostly drawn from mossad units as i recall.. they got nicknamed More-sad as they never got 1st place and often took a huff(pouty lipped and arsey)
The American units such as delta force didn't score well, some ranger units did ok as did some of the airborne and marines.. \but oddly... as i said.. Delta force were to be honest... kinda shit. Navy Seals did very well though to be fair.
I competed on two occasions with 3 Para and was on hunter force once.
on that one hunter force occasion we caught one guy from Delta force because he actually wore AFTERSHAVE!!!(it was YSL Kouros.. i used to wear it too so recognised and we could smell him!.. i shit you not.... that's a rank amateur mistake if i ever knew one.

Those Parkour guys are shit hot... remind me of the Trinasium assault course the airborne did and the Tarzan assault course the Royal Marines have.
Albeit the Parkour guys do it in a less controlled environment for sure.
It's always a pleasure to watch them at it.. those boys and girls have balls.

manhunt with Joel Lambert on

manhunt with Joel Lambert on discoverychannel is a bit like that
now renamed to Lone Target

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