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Occult Science Dictatorship: The Official State Science Religion and how to Get Excommunicated (2002)

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Free-energy, UFOs, government thought-control, exposes an "occult" ("hidden") coercive-monopolist scientific thought-control dictatorship, through mass-media, compliant government and universities and other educational institutions: Science know-it-alls and armies of propagandists manufacture opinion and control scientific thought in society, insuring perpetuity of archaic technology and suppression of superior technology under national security laws utilizing false propaganda.


a small quote :

In 1782, George Louis LeSage5 published a proposal to account for
gravitation by means of the ether theory of Renee Descarte, that
a cloud of excessively minute particles—“ultra-mundane corpuscles”
as he called them—which resembled the neutrinos of modern atomic
physics, filled all space. According to LeSage, the ether moved with
great speed in all directions. When two particles or bodies of ponderable
matter were near each other, they would partly screen each
other from bombardment by this ether, so that less bombardment
on their screened sides increased the force on their unscreened sides,
pushing them together, appearing to be an attractive force between
them, which LeSage identified as Newton’s force of gravity.