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Occult - Jean Dubuis' Alchemy Course

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In 1995, the author of the present work wrote: "My name is Jean Dubuis. I am, this present day that I write, aged 76 years old, and I have a practice of esotericism of more than half a century. My esoteric researches started when I was twelve, after a tremendous inner experience; the invisible world had become for me as true as the world of matter where we live. From that time on, I never ceased trying to understand the nature of this experience, to find means to renew it if possible.

"This experience had shown me that there was another truth than the one of our visible world. I wished to be able to understand the nature and workings of this ordinarily invisible Universe. My researches started with books, where I didn’t find much, so my early progress was rather slow. Much later, I found the only book that really helped me, the Sepher Yetzirah. After the ill success of books, I became a member of groups of Rosicrucian or Martinist spirit. I did not find really useful elements there. Their habit of illegitimate secrecy led me far from these groups.

"It is, in fact, a persevering personal effort that lead me to renew my experience, and that resulted in my few contacts with the Eternity. From there on, I wrote three courses, one on Alchemy, one on Qabala, and one called The Fundamentals of Esoteric Knowledge."

Jean Dubuis is widely recognized as the most influential alchemist of the 20th century. Although his course on alchemy and kabbalah were finished many years ago, they are still considered to be the finest works of their type ever published.

Part 1 - Fundamentals
Dubuis, Jean - The Fundamentals Of Esoteric Knowledge

Part 2 - Spagyrics (Plant Alchemy)
Dubuis, Jean - Spagyrics Vol 1
Dubuis, Jean - Spagyrics Vol 2

Part 3 - Mineral Alchemy
Dubuis, Jean - Mineral Alchemy Vol 1
Dubuis, Jean - Mineral Alchemy Vol 2
Dubuis, Jean - Mineral Alchemy Vol 3
Dubuis, Jean - Mineral Alchemy Vol 4

Part 4 - Kabbalah (Qabala)
Dubuis, Jean - Qabala, The Philosophers of Nature Vol 1
Dubuis, Jean - Qabala, The Philosophers of Nature Vol 2
Dubuis, Jean - Qabala, The Philosophers of Nature Vol 3

Part 5 - Additional Material
Dubuis, Jean - The Experience of Eternity