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NOVA - Wonders Series 1 Part 6 Whats the Universe Made Of

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The universe is hiding something. In fact, it is hiding a lot. Everything we experience on Earth, the stars and galaxies we see in the cosmos-all the “normal” matter and energy that we understand-make up only 5% of the known universe. The other 95% is made up of two mysterious components: “dark matter” and “dark energy.” We cant see them, but we know theyre there. And whats more-these two shadowy ingredients are locked in an epic battle to control the very fate of the universe. Now, scientists are trying to shed light on the so-called “dark sector” as the latest generation of detectors rev up, and powerful telescopes peer deeper into space than ever before to observe how it behaves. Will the discoveries help reveal how galaxies formed? In the series finale, NOVA Wonders journeys to the stars and back to investigate what we know-and dont know. Find out how scientists are discovering new secrets about the history of the universe, and why theyre predicting a shocking future.

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