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NOVA s40e05 Building Pharaoh's Chariot (2013)

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NOTICE: The file ↓↓ and torrent ↑↑ names are incorrect! This video is actually about a chariot.

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NOVA - Vaccines—Calling the Shots.mkv 52m55s 1280x720 AVC AC-3


3,600-year-old reliefs in Egyptian tombs and temples depict pharaohs and warriors proudly riding into battle on horse-drawn chariots. Some historians claim that the chariot launched a technological and strategic revolution, and was the secret weapon behind Egypt's greatest era of conquest known as the New Kingdom. But was the Egyptian chariot really a revolutionary design? How decisive a role did it play in the bloody battles of the ancient world? In "Building Pharaoh's Chariot," a team of archaeologists, engineers, woodworkers, and horse trainers join forces to build and test two highly accurate replicas of Egyptian royal chariots. They discover astonishingly advanced features, including spoked wheels, springs, shock absorbers, anti-roll bars, and even a convex-shaped rear mirror, leading one of them to compare the level of design to the engineering standards of 1930's-era Buicks! By driving our pair of replicas to their limits in the desert outside Cairo, NOVA's experts test the claim that the chariot marks a crucial turning point in ancient military history. (Premiered February 6, 2013)


It took 1 day and 21 hours to download, but when it had finished, it was the wrong one. Not "Vaccines—Calling the Shots", but "Building the Pharaoh's Chariot", which I do not want.
But 41 have completed and no-one has remarked on this. Surely I'm not the only person to have the wrong Nova?

Weird how nobody spoke up. The situation has been rectified.