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NOVA - Evolution Ep 7 - What About God

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"Show 7: What About God?
57 minutes, 6 DVD chapters

Chapter 1. Prologue (2:01)
Introduction to the show's theme: the debate between evolution and creationism
Who participates in this debate?
What are the stakes?

Chapter 2. Biblical Literalism (6:38)
Biblical literalism and the war against evolution
Ken Ham, a well-known proponent of Biblical literalism
The Scopes trial and creationism's victory in the schools
With the advent of the space race, evolution returned to the classroom

Chapter 3. The Students at Wheaton (13:57)
Students at a conservative Christian college grapple with faith and evolution
Students confronted by scientific evidence that challenges their beliefs
A geology student and his family discuss evolution and creationism
Where do the soul and sin belong in evolution? For Wheaton students, these questions are deeply personal, not theoretical

Chapter 4. Wheaton's Conflict (13:15)
Teaching evolution at a Christian college
Wheaton students debate allegorical and literal interpretations of Genesis
Professors must sign a statement of faith, affirming their literal belief in human descent from Adam and Eve
How Wheaton College approaches evolution

Chapter 5. Trouble at Lafayette High (16:11)
High school teachers and students, caught in the debate between creationism and evolution
Indiana high school students petition for ""special creation"" to be added to the science curriculum
The National Center for Science Education and their defense of evolution education
Creation science, evolution, and the separation of church and state
What is science? Creation science avoids the requirements of science

Chapter 6. Return to Wheaton (4:29)
Summary of Wheaton students' thoughts on faith and evolution
Is studying evolution a threat to students' faith?
Wheaton College's perspective
Students' thoughts on living as scientists and Christians"

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