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NOVA - Evolution Ep 1 - Part 2 of 2 - Darwins Dangerous Idea

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"Show 1: Darwin's Dangerous Idea
1 hour, 57 minutes, 12 DVD chapters

Chapter 6. Complexity (6:34)
Darwin's personal and professional life
Darwin with his family
Darwin's reluctance to publish his theory of natural selection

Chapter 7. How the Eye Evolved (10:48)
The eye's flaws and evolution
Darwin's separation of nature and religion
The human eye as an example of evolutionÕs imperfections
Models of eye development over time and across species

Chapter 8. God (11:31)
Tragedy in Darwin's life
Darwin's work to produce evidence for his theory, and his continued unwillingness to publish
Darwin's poor health
The death of Darwin's daughter and his split from Christianity

Chapter 9. A Scientist Discusses Religion (4:53)
The religious beliefs of scientists today
Biologist Kenneth Miller, a self-described ""orthodox Catholic"" and ""orthodox Darwinist""
Natural selection's compatibility and conflict with religion

Chapter 10. The Human Question (14:31)
Darwin publishes On the Origins of Species and faces resistance to his ideas
Darwin's theory as a threat to Victorian religion and science

Chapter 11. Humans and the Tree of Life (8:38)
Humans and Darwin's theory
Are humans ""just"" animals?
Creationist attacks on evolution
Fossils supporting the link between humans and apes
DNA evidence of a common ancestor
Comparisons of human and chimpanzee mental development

Chapter 12. Epilogue (4:34)
Darwin's death
A prestigious burial in Westminster Abbey; England's recognition of Darwin's powerful idea"