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NOVA - Evolution Ep 1 - Part 1 of 2 - Darwins Dangerous Idea

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"Show 1: Darwin's Dangerous Idea
1 hour, 57 minutes, 12 DVD chapters

Chapter 1. Prologue (5:11)
Introduction to the show and to Darwin
Darwin's voyage on the Beagle
Natural selection: a revolutionary and dangerous idea

Chapter 2. Common Ancestry (14:47)
Darwin's return to England
The puzzle of the Galapagos finches
Darwin's initial ideas about adaptation and the development of new species
Darwin's relationships with his brother and with fellow naturalists

Chapter 3. Ecuador and the Tree of Life (12:55)
Darwin's theory of a single tree of life and current biological research
In Ecuador, biologists explore how adaptations to new environments can create new species
Comparisons of rainforest and mountain hummingbirds
What Darwin learned from the Galapagos finches
Using DNA to determine when species diverged

Chapter 4. Natural Selection (9:04)
Darwin's marriage and the development of his thinking
Darwin's relationships with his brother, scientific peers, and future wife
Darwin considers MalthusÕ theories of human growth and struggle
Does survival of the fittest apply to all species? Even humans?

Chapter 5. Mutation and HIV (12:59)
A modern definition of natural selection, and HIV as an example of evolution in action
Natural selection explained in detail
How traits are passed along to offspring
Two personal stories about HIV explore how natural selection produces drug-resistant viruses
How scientists use their understanding of natural selection to combat HIV

Chapter 6. Complexity (6:34)
Darwin's personal and professional life
Darwin with his family
Darwin's reluctance to publish his theory of natural selection"

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