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NOVA - Escape! Because Accidents Happen - Part 2 of 4 - Car Crash

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While today's cars are safer than they've ever been, automobile safety has come slowly and at the expense of millions of lives. Car Crash focuses on the unheralded heroes of automobile safety: Dr. Claire Straith, a Detroit plastic surgeon who fought in the 1920's to get padded dashboards and recessed knobs installed in cars to protect his patient's faces in an accident; Bela Berenyi, a Mercedes engineer who completely changed the way cars were designed and built with the invention of crumple zone and rigid cab construction; Nils Bohlin, the Volvo engineer who holds the patent for the single most effective safety device in any car—the seat belt; and John Hetrick, the unsung inventor of the airbag whose work was 20 years too early.

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