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Nigel Pennick is an authority on ancient belief systems, traditions, runes, and geomancy and has traveled and lectured extensively in Europe and the United States. He is the author and illustrator of more than 50 books, including The Pagan Book of Days. The founder of the Institute of Geomantic Research and the Library of the European Tradition, he lives near Cambridge, England.

These are all the works of his that I could find. Please share any others you have.

S Kelly Harrell - Runic Book of Days - A Guide to Living the Annual Cycle of Rune Magick, with foreword by Nigel Pennick
Nigel Pennick - chapters on Spiritual Arts and Crafts and Goddess Zisa in TYR - Myth, Culture, Tradition, ed Buckley, Cleary & Moynihan Vol 1.pdf
Nigel Pennick - Geomancy and other chapters in the Atlas of Mysterious Places, ed Jennifer Westwood.pdf
Nigel Pennick - Hitlers Secret Sciences - His Quest for the Hidden Knowledge of the Ancients 1981.pdf
Nigel Pennick - Magical Alphabets - The Secrets and Significance of Ancient Scripts - Including Runes, Greek, Ogham, Hebrew and Alchemical Alphabets 1992
Nigel Pennick - Northern European religions, chapter in World Religions 2004.pdf
Nigel Pennick - Operative Witchcraft - Spellwork and Herbcraft in the British Isles
Nigel Pennick - Pagan Magic of the Northern Tradition - Customs, Rites, and Ceremonies
Nigel Pennick - Sacred Architecture of London 2012.pdf
Nigel Pennick - Sacred Geometry - Symbolims and Purpose in Religious Structures 1980.pdf
Nigel Pennick - The Book of Primal Signs - The High Magic of Symbols.pdf
Nigel Pennick - The Celtic Cross - An Illustrated History and Celebration 1997.pdf
Nigel Pennick - Witchcraft and Secret Societies of Rural England - The Magic of Toadmen, Plough Witches, Mummers, and Bonesmen
Nigel Pennick & Prudence Jones - A History of Pagan Europe 1995


Elemental Magic: Traditional Practices for Working with the Energies of the Natural World (3rd Edition) by Nigel Pennick (Inner Traditions) [2020] [EPUB] [Retail]; Runic Lore and Legend: Wyrdstaves of Old Northumbria by Nigel Pennick (Inner Traditions) [2019] [EPUB] [Retail]; The Subterranean Kingdom: A Survey of Man-made Structures Beneath the Earth by Nigel Pennick (Capall Bann Publishing) [2001] [PDF]; The Pagan Book of Days: A Guide to the Festivals, Traditions, and Sacred Days of the Year by Nigel Pennick (Inner Traditions) [1992] [PDF]:

Thank you! I had hoped there were more of his works out there, but this time I forgot to check with you first :)

Thank you, again, for previously sharing John Michell books with me.

For those of you not familiar with Pennick, I recommend his Magical Alphabets; for those of you not familiar with Michell, I recommend "The Dimensions of Paradise".

You're welcome. I have not heard of Nigel Pennick before, and until recently had not heard of John Michell either - but have heard his name mentioned more as of late, particularly by Terence McKenna and Rupert Sheldrake in one of their trialogues on YouTube. I will definitely check those recommended books out.

There are 2 ebook/audiobook sites I use. Sometimes one has a bunch and the other nothing and vice verca. If I ever figure out how to get invites there, I will definitely request one for you.

Just out of curiosity, do you have positive experience with the communities on those sites you are referring to?

You can just ignore the question if you don't wanna post publicly. No worries

But I know you are an active community member here so I'd be curious on your take of public vs private

The one site I got all of the Nigel Pennick ebooks from I have been a member of for probably 10 years or so. It is really good and has a great selection, but I think it needs more members because there is not a lot of download activity, particularly for audiobooks. So it can be hard for some people to get a good ratio to be able to download. But as for ebooks, they are so small in filesize one does not really need to worry much about ratio and downloading ebooks.

I think most private trackers have mIRC chat channels and people have to do interviews sometimes to get an invite. It says at the top of the page that I have 2 invites, but then when I go there it says "invites are disabled"...

Many thanks for taking the time to reply. I’m mainly asking about the quality of user engagement: do you see people talking and posting on discussion boards and supporting one another?

Public sites are almost always going to be a mixed bag due to the nature of openness (signal to noise ratio is in the ear of the beholder), but I bet that the rewards of a public site will be higher across time just because it is easier to get to. No signup required. It’s the path of least resistance: in the short term, private clubs have benefts, but public spaces become the more important resources in the long term.

Bibliotik and both seem to have really good forums and discussions. They are both good for tutorials and have provided exclusive links to programs that are used to share ebooks and audiobooks. I really like bibliotik's request function. I get 95% of my requests filled rather quickly. You do have to sacrifice ratio to get requests filled, but that's okay for me, for now. But the communities are fairly small compared to public sites and the files don't go far and wide. And for somebody like me, a type of information networker, for lack of a better phrase, I prefer seeing information get to public sites for wider distribution...