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Nick News W5 - AIDS / Doug Artist / Drugs (DARE)/Earth Summit [1992]

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This show is most importantly on AIDS and drugs... old propaganda used against school children.. on the drugs section mainly that's it good to turn in your parents. Oh as watching there is a earth summit which could be interesting also!

[random long discription of the shows]
Nick News with Linda Ellerbee is an educational children's and teenagers' television show on Nickelodeon that has been shown since 1992. Nick News takes the form of a highly rated and recognized news program for children and teenagers alike, discussing important political and economic issues in a format intended for both children and adults. The show is famous for allowing normal teenagers to speak out on their own personal opinions on a number of past and current worldwide issues and topics, including events such as Black History Month, where Linda Ellerbee, who is the host, invited African-American teenagers in to discuss Black History Month.

Nick News was originally known as Nick News W5 in 1992 until the show's "who, what, when, where, and why" type format was dropped.