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News8 report on Lynette Fromme (1989)

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News8 item on Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme's escape from the Federal Prison in Alderson, Virginia in December 1989, her capture 2 days later and her subsequent court appearance (more time was added to her prison sentence for the escape attempt).

Fromme told authorities that the reason for her escape was that she had heard from several sources she considered to be trustworthy that Charles Manson was dying from testical cancer and that she escaped from prison because she wanted to see him one last time before he died. Manson wasn't suffering from cancer at all but it has never become known exactly who told Fromme this lie.

Not too long after this Lynette Fromme was transferred to the medical wing of a Federal maximum security facility in Fort Worth, Texas. She was incarcerated there until her release on August 16th 2009. Curiously, she never expressed remorse for her actions even though this is a requirement for parole. The authorities believed she was going to move to California to some place near the prison where Charles Manson is held. She'll probably end up doing the talk show circuit sometime soon telling us to save the redwood trees and that Manson didn't get a fair trial.

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