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The Neuro-Psychology of Self-Discipline

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The Neuro-Psychology of Self-Discipline

by Sybervision

Today we live in a culture where many people want instant success—wealth, a beautiful body, warm relationships, and knowledge, This "I want it now" mentality is called "instant gratification" and is the number one reason people fail. (See the Stanford Marshmallow Study)

Life's Real Winners

People who reject the value of instant gratification and develop the skill of self-discipline are life's real winners. These are people who have developed "emotional intelligence—they are able to set goals and harness the motivational strength to see it through to their successful fruition— day by day, week by week, month by month, and, if necessary, year by year. They know any worthwhile achievement takes time and sustained effort. They are willing to pay the price. They are self-starters, doers, and finishers.

The good news is that self-discipline is a skill that can be learned. The Neuropsychology of Self-Disciple is where you learn it.

The Secret Revealed.

The Neuropsychology of Self-Discipline is a self-paced audio program that consists of 10 audio sessions and a digital study guide. It is based on research conducted by author Steve DeVore and Dr. Karl Pribram at the Stanford University Neuropsychological Research Laboratories. He studied over 100 of history's greatest achievers (see The World's 100 Greatest People Audio Collection) and identified the characteristics they had in common, From these characteristics he distilled a powerful formula for self-motivation— the secret of lasting success.

Key to mastering self-disciple discovered

All lasting success in life is based on our ability to set challenging goals and then to work toward them, no matter how difficult it is or how long it may take, until they are achieved. This ability to motivate ourselves, to persevere and persist until our goals are achieved is "self-discipline."

Through research at Stanford University and through an in-depth study of history's greatest achievers (see "The World's 100 Greatest People Audio Collection" authored by SyberVision founder and Self-Discipline author Steve DeVore), SyberVision discovered that self-discipline is a deeply rooted, core passion (emotion) that sustains our actions (motion) over a long period of time. And, self-discipline is a skill that can be learned through a six-step process.

To build this passion, this "fire within" you must first know what you want to achieve. "The Neuropsychology of Self-Discipline" shows you how to identify the things that are most important to you and to transform these "desires" into emotion provoking goals and actions necessary to achieve those goals. Below is the seven-step process you will go through as you follow and master the principles detailed in "The Neuropsychology of Self-Discipline."

An excellent, excellent personal development program. If I have to rate it against all other PD programs in existence, I'd give it 10 out of 10. Here is the official web page: - If you like the program as much as I do - please consider buying it.