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Nature Magazine 1869-2010

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With the addition of this torrent, ConCen now has every edition of Nature Magazine published, excepting only a few issues.

This torrent contains ISO files for the years 1869 to 2006, each of which contain software that can be used to search articles.


The Nature_1869-1899.iso file is not complete.
As i was searching for Maxwell i found this :

An Error in Maxwell's "Electricity and Magnetism" : Abstract : Nature

But the v35 directory inside this iso is entirely empty!

The informed know EInstein kept a picture of Maxwell on the wall of his office.
Rumors have it that Nature Magazine was founded by a bunch of Salon Socialists
after Maxwell had stirred up some real physics development in Europe and around the World,
in an attempt to steer uncontrolled developments in the `right' direction.

Anyone with access to a copy of Nature Journal Volume 35 knows what to do next.

It certainly beats a row of bookshelves at the library, which is what I used before.