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National Geographic - Titanic: Case Closed (2012)

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Who was to blame for the Titanic's fatal collision? Why did no one come to her aid? How did the 'unsinkable' ship sink? In the UK premiere of Titanic: Case Closed British Titanic expert Tim Maltin presents startling new evidence and a forceful explanation for the catastrophe in this eye-opening documentary. Exposing a number of key myths, Maltin unearths compelling proof suggesting that unique atmospheric conditions in the Atlantic were to blame. A century on from the tragedy of the Titanic, a host of pressing questions remain unanswered...
The Story explores the reasons why the Titanic sunk and why so few of the passengers were rescued. Tim Matlin, author of several tomes on the liner (including "101 Things You Thought You Knew About the Titanic But Didn't"), travels across Europe, North America and the Atlantic Ocean to meet experts and perform a series of eye-opening experiments.
Documentary is written and produced by Nigel Levy, whose credits include doc series "Horizon" for the BBC and "Fatal Attraction" for Animal Planet.

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