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NASA Apollo 11 - What Happened on the Moon [pack]

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NASA Apollo 11 - What Happened on the Moon [pack] Moongate is a non-fictional account derived from unclassified sources of information including official government publications, NASA photographs and movies, news articles, and numerous books by authorities in various fields. The idea for Moongate germinated from observations made by several individuals who detected discrepancies in space program activities and findings. An extensive search for evidence was made to verify that a cover-up occurred. The amount of evidence far exceeded initial expectations and produced startling conclusions about the real space program. Many aspects of the space program are mathematically and conceptually analyzed to verify the cover-up from a scientific standpoint. Moongate is written for the layman and scientist alike, with mathematical calculations included in the appendices. It contains many color photographs and footnoted references. Although absolute certainty cannot be given about the details of the cover-up, the evidence demonstrates that either the contentions are true, or portions of the Apollo Moon landings were staged. It seems probable that the landings really occurred; however, the true circumstances surrounding the Apollo missions and related discoveries were carefully suppressed from the public. comment: It is true that the Van Allen radiation belt cannot be penetrated without massive shielding, and it is also true the the famous or rather ominous Apollo 11 space capsule was merely several layers of aluminum foil thick, so there was no shielding at all - the astronauts would all have died. On the other hand, there's strong evidence that antigravity-craft have been developed as early as the 1950s, and once you master that kind of technology, weight won't be an issue, and then the thickness of shielding won't be an issue either, meaning that the Van Allen radiation belt can get penetrated with ease. And then the radiation exposure is always proportional to the duration, meaning the speed at which you cross that radiation belt. In my personal opinion, the moon could have been reached in the 1950s with conventional but nuclear rocket technology. Have a look at the Tintin comics I've included. No, we're not getting infantile here, this is very important: They will show you that, back in the 1950s they did have the technology to reach the moon, even without anti-gravity technology, and despite the radiation belt. I think the author wanted to tell us something there. Actually, the technology being used in these comics makes much more sense than the nutty and unrealistic concept of the Apollo 11 mission: Flying through the radiation belt in a tin-foil coffin. Maybe the NASA scientists should have read Hergé. audio Lunar Conspiracy.mp3 Moon Hoax.mp3 We Never Went to the Moon.mp3 ebooks Comics (1950s technology) 16 Tintin and the Destination Moon.pdf 17 Tintin and the Explorers on the Moon.pdf Conspiracy Did We Land on the Moon.pdf Fred Steckling - We Discovered Alien Bases on the Moon (Transl from German).pdf Fred Steckling - Wir entdeckten außerirdische Basen auf dem Mond.pdf George Leonard - Somebody Else Is on the Moon.pdf Moon Gate - William L Brian.pdf Moon Hoax Debunked - Paolo Attivissimo.pdf Were US Astronauts Ordered Not to Report on UFOs Aliens.txt Operations Report NASA Apollo 11 Mission Operations Report NASA.pdf Apollo 11 Onboard Voice Transcription.pdf Apollo Expeditions to the Moon.pdf Various Moon Hoax - Lock, 1856.pdf Moon Hoax - Lock.pdf Secrets of Our Spaceship Moon.pdf The Encyclopedia of Conspiracies and Conspiracy Theories.pdf The Once and Future Moon.pdf pictures JPG PDF videos 1 Moon Landing Hoax Does this video show Nasa Faked Space Race.mp4 NASA - More proof of their lies and deceit How deep is this rabbit hole.mp4 NASA ALIENS ON THE MOON FOOTAGE.mp4 NASA FAIL proof they are Faking it.mp4 The Truth Behind The Moon Landings - (Moon Landing Hoax).mp4 We Didn't Land on the Moon - Former NASA Scientist admits Game over for NASA.mp4 What Happened on the Moon.mp4 WHOMEVER DEBUNKS THIS VIDEO I WILL PAY $10,000 NASA FAKED THE MOON LANDING.mp4 videos 2 NASA DOCO - To The Moon NASA DOCO - To The Moon - Pt 1.mp4 NASA DOCO - To The Moon - Pt 2.mp4 Apollo 11 Intro Apollo 11 Moonwalk Montage Apollo 11 Plaque Comparison Buzz Descends Comparison One Small Step Comparison Raising The American Flag Comparison Apollo 11 - Raw 16mm Footage (uncut).mp4 Apollo 11 45th Anniversary Resource Reel (1969 HD Footage Released in 2014) NASA.mp4 Apollo 11 Mission Highlights - Neil Armstrong Landing On The Moon - NASA Space Documentary.mp4 Apollo 13, Houston We Have a Problem, Real NASA Footage of Mission Control, Crew and Reactions.mp4 Apollo 15 In the Mountains of the Moon 1971 NASA 4th Moon Landing, First Lunar Rover Mission.mp4 Apollo 16 Nothing So Hidden 1972 NASA; Fifth Moon Landing; John Young, Charlie Duke.mp4 CBS Coverage of Apollo 11 Lunar Landing.mp4 NASA - Apollo 17 - complete 16mm Footage.mp4 videos 3 Apollo - Walt Disney Made The Space Suits For The Astronauts.mp4 Apollo 11 - Walter Cronkite Admits ApolloIs Walt Disney Bullshit Moon Hoax.mp4 Apollo 11 Astronaut Buzz Blackmails Walt Disney.mp4 Apollo 11 Astronaut Neil Admits Apollos Walt Disney Bullshit.mp4 Apollo 11 President Nixon Admits ApolloIs Walt Disney Bullshit Moon Hoax.mp4 Apollo 11 Vice President Spiro Agnew Admits Disneys Moon Hoax Will Be Greatest Fallout For Usa.mp4 Apollo 17 Astronaut Calls Rocks Mammals - Houston Asks Are There Any Disney Cat Or Dog Rocks.mp4 tags: moon, conspiracy, hoax, Apollo 11, aliens, UFO, NASA, footage, astronauts, 1969
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