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Napolitano: US federal-states cash conspiracy to pillage

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"If Congress wants to regulate an area of human behavior that is clearly beyond its constitutional competence, it bribes the states to do so with borrowed or Federal Reserve-created cash. Thus, it offered hundreds of millions of dollars to the states to lower their speed limits on highways and to lower the acceptable blood alcohol level in peoples’ veins -- this would truly have set Madison off -- before a presumption of DWI may be argued, in return for cash to pave state-maintained highways.

"The states are partly to blame for this as well. They take whatever cash Congress offers and they accept the strings that come with it. And they, too, are tyrants.

"The states mandated the unconstitutional and crippling lockdowns of 2020, not the feds. The states should be paying the political and financial consequences for their misdeeds, not the feds. They took property and liberty without paying for it as the Constitution requires them to do, not the feds.

"[Rev. Mather] Blyes feared a government of 3,000. Today, the feds employ close to 3 million. Thomas Jefferson warned that when the federal treasury becomes a federal trough, and the people recognize it as such, they would only send to Washington politicians -- faithless to the Constitution -- who promise to bring home the most cash.

"And the majority will take whatever it wants from the minority that cherishes limited government, private property and personal liberty."