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Napoleon Hill - The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons

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Napoleon Hill - The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons
Complete Unabridged AudioBook

Four Volumes of 7 CDs each. 28 CDs Total

Includes the complete unabridged eBook, all 1,170 pages!

When I heard that "Think and Grow Rich", one of my all-time favorite books, was actually just a watered down version of the original "Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons" I knew immediately that I had to have a copy. The original book was so powerful in fact that allegedly, the powerful, elite, immediately had it pulled off the shelves. They said this book was much too powerful for the masses.

Whether this is true or not, I'll probably never know, but I was intrigued. The only problem was that the book had almost 1200 pages, which takes a while to get through. So when I found out it was also available in audiobook format, I said "Hell, Yeah!"
So here they are, BOTH ebook and audio book, complete, and unabribged.
Enjoy, and seed! :)

The Law of Success, Volume I:
The Principles of Self-Mastery
Unabridged audiobook (7 CDs)
This volume explains the first four of the Seventeen Principles of Success: The Master Mind, A Definite Chief Aim, Self-Confidence, and The Habit of Saving.

The Law of Success, Volume II:
The Principles of Personal Power
Unabridged audiobook (7 CDs)
This volume explains the second four of the Seventeen Principles of Success: Initiative and Leadership, Imagination, Enthusiasm, and Self-Control.

The Law of Success, Volume III:
The Principles of Self-Creation
Unabridged audiobook (7 CDs)
This volume explains the third set of four Principles of Success: The Habit of Doing More Than Paid For, Pleasing Personality, Accurate Thinking, and Concentration.

The Law of Success, Volume IV:
The Principles of Personal Integrity
Unabridged audiobook (7 CDs)
This volume explains the final five of the Seventeen Principles of Success: Cooperation, Profiting by Failure, Tolerance, The Golden Rule, and The Universal Law of Cosmic Habitforce.

The revised and updated audiobook editions of America's most influential and bestselling motivational masterwork. In 1928 Napoleon Hill stunned America when he published the first edition of Law of Success. It was an instant bestseller�unlike anything anyone had ever read before. Aimed at the average person, it offered the collective wisdom of America's most successful business leaders and it promised readers that if they followed the step-by-step advice, they too would achieve success. And they did. By the hundreds, then the thousands, and finally by the millions. It's about to happen again in a whole new way!


When you are truly committed to making yourself a success, you just don't have time for anything that interrupts your focus. How can you set aside time to read something as demanding as The Law of Success?

If that sounds like you, then you absolutely must listen to these audiobooks. Even if you can't make time to read, you can listen while you're commuting, driving between appointments, working out, or working around the house. Next time, turn off your radio, put in The Law of Success CD or tape, and in a half-hour you'll be hooked. All the ideas and inspiration you thought you didn't have time to read are there for you�every word exactly as Napoleon Hill wrote it. And because these books are read with such care and are so well-paced, even the most difficult concepts or subtle points are easy to understand.

The genesis of Law of Success dates from the day in 1908 when Napoleon Hill was assigned to write a magazine profile on steel baron and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. During their interview Carnegie became so impressed with the young writer that what was to have been a brief interview stretched into a three-day marathon. It concluded with Carnegie offering to introduce Napoleon Hill to the most powerful men in America in order that Hill could learn from each of them the secrets of their success. It was Carnegie's vision that, in so doing, Hill would formulate a philosophy that could be used by anyone to help create their own success and realize their dreams.

For twenty years Napoleon Hill pursued his mission, constantly testing and modifying his theories until they became refined into a set of specific principles that together formed the cohesive philosophy Andrew Carnegie had envisioned.


Over the years, Law of Success has been reprinted more than fifty times. This 75th Anniversary Edition is by far the most complete and comprehensive. It is the first to incorporate all revisions and updates, it is expanded with new commentaries, and it is the first ever to be published on audio.

In recording the audiobooks, the narrators provide background information, explain historical context, and, where applicable, recommend certain books that complement specific aspects of Napoleon Hill's philosophy. Additionally, Hill's original examples and anecdotes have been augmented with contemporary stories that powerfully illustrate the point that the basic principles upon which Law of Success is based are just as relevant and applicable today as they were in 1928.