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Nanotech - Making Sense of Morgellons

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Nanotech - Making Sense of Morgellons

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Now, the ultimate plan of the worlds elite, those that stand behind the illuminati is to have this entire world, all of humanity under their control as their slaves. So the ultimate plan is to have this nanotechnology designed within and as human beings as a vein system, so that they're able to control human beings accordingly, and also kill and remove human beings from this world if they dare stand against the elite or anything that has been placed within this world. So, how is this plan in progress at the moment.

We've all heard of the concentration camps the Bush is currently in America placing, and have built, designed etc., like the underground facilities etc., so its staring with the following: they're already there now only at the design stages of the nanotechnology, of only the insertion thereof in the human physical body, they're not yet at the programming and the removing and the killing and etc. in one moment, they're only first testing it inside the human physical body.

So basically, it will integrate into your human physical body and form an inner vein system connected to your brain, so that you'll be able to be programmed and killed in one moment accordingly to the sound wave frequencies. Again, so where does it all start? First you're gonna be introduced with a microchip implant. Now, if you dare object to the microchip implant, you will appropriately be sent to the concentration camps that have been set up.

Why specifically microchip implant? Because the microchip implant will then inevitably activate the nanotechnology within human beings once the nanotechnology is consumed. Once the nanotechnology is activated, the vein system will literally start growing inside you, and by then it's basically too late. If you dare object, voice, stand against etc. in any way whatsoever, you'll be able to (be) removed.

They'll have all your information on a database, in other words, they'll know exactly what you're thinking, they'll know exactly what you're doing, what you're feeling, where you are, what you're saying, what you're hearing, everything of each and every human being in this world.

And then, the ultimate, the ultimate manifestation of the one New World Order is this: America being transformed as a prison, the entire American continent, country as a prison. The rest of the world, all the other countries will be the dominion and place for man to exist under the control of the elite of the world, with nanotechnology inside you. All this done to be God, to be of power and to be of control in this world, taking over the world, literally.

So that is in progress and in plan. There'll be a wall built in America, as America as the entirety of America around the world, it'll be secluded from the oceans, from everything. This will become the one city, one world controlled domain. No freedom, nothing. We will literally be slaves, under control.

The Hairbrush Test for Morgellons Disease.pdf

If your hairbrush looks like this you may want to check further. What
you perceive as dust might be nano-fibers even if you have no other
Morgellons symptoms. A good magnifying glass can be used to see
the fibers.

A closer look at the base of the bristles reveals a grey fuzzy substance.

I use a needle to slide the fibers up and out of the bristles.

Here is the debris I got from the hairbrush 60 x magnification.

Here is the same debris at 200x magnification. The large brown
strands are hair the rest are Morgellons fibers.

If you are a comb user then check for silvery build-up at the base
of the teeth of the comb. Remove the particle with a needle and
observe the particle with a magnifying glass or other


Many interesting pictures of Morgellons fibers are included in this torrent.
see file list for other files

Comment: Have you also been infected by nanotechnology? You better check it out, now. The number of people being infected is much higher than generally assumed. Semi-officially it's twenty thousand only, but actually it may be hundreds of Millions. Of course, all of this may also be an ingenious campaign of disinformation by the illuminati to scare people into submission. This occurrence of Morgellons disease seems to be connected to the infamous chemtrails. Governments remain suspiciously silent about both of them. But after all, ranchers won't ask their sheep before performing a medical experiment on them, will they? And as long as the sheeple go along with this insanity, why should their slave-masters stop doing it?