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Mystery of the Crystal Skulls (2008)

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Along with Stonehenge and The Great Pyramids, the 13 Crystal Skulls are one of archaeology's most compelling mysteries. According to legend, reuniting all 13 skulls will enable humankind to prevent the apocalypse, but can the existence of these legendary skulls be authenticated?

Following the highly anticipated release of the fourth Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the Discovery Channel seeks to unlock the secrets surrounding these ancient artifacts in Mystery of the Crystal Skulls. This captivating two-hour special explores the history, myth, science and controversies surrounding the enigmatic skulls.

Several "perfect" crystal skulls have turned up in museums and private collections in the US, Mexico, Brazil, France, Mongolia, and

even Tibet. But there's one hitch: far more than 13 have been located. To determine which skulls are authentic, Bill Homann, the current guardian of the famed Mitchell-Hedges skull and Crystal Skull expert Dale Walker lead expeditions to South America to explore Mayan and Aztec ruins for clues.

Can Homann and Walker prove the skulls they have are up to 35,000 years old with scientific testing? Can they locate the 13th skull before time runs out and the prophecy of the apocalypse comes true? Find out in Mystery of the Crystal Skulls.

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