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My Films.

Killing Hollywood (2015)
Over 130 Hollywood Movies Exposed. 500 hour project. Don't miss this film

My Films
Last Call For Freedom (2009)
My first film. About Government spying and RFID. Please forgive the video quality.

The Biggest Conspiracy (2010)
Music and Politics. What you might now see on youtube. Those Type of videos.

MUSIC that WANTS your SOUL (2011)
Exposes the Music Industry, before youtube started to do so.

Movies that Want Your Soul (2012)
Exposes Movies. Shows movies with Conspiracies, Occult themes, and Religious themes.

Music That Wants Your Soul 2.0 (2012)
A 2-hour version of Music That Wants Your Soul

Video Games Program You (2013)
Exposes the trend of Video Games being Pornographic, Realistic Violence, and Satanic

The Untitled Conspiracy (2013)
Pictures with popular Music that shows Manipulation, Greed, and Deception.

911 - An Occult Job (2013)
This film shows 911 reference in Hollywood movies before the actually event happened

Devil in Disguise (2013)
This short shows how music album covers are satanic and Against Jesus Christ

Television That Wants Your Soul (2013)
Watch and see how Television and Cartoons are using for propaganda

Video Games Program You (2013)
I used a screen capture to show some of the demonic video Games Steam is selling to the World

Music That STILL Wants Your Soul (720) {2014}
This is the Sequel. It has the best video quality and video effects of any of my videos

The Conspiracy Of The Bad Movie (2014)
This video I did for fun. It shows some bad movie trailers or good?

Predictive Programming The Movie (2014)
Films demonstrates how media shows you the future before it happens because the future is already planned

The 1920s All That Jazz (2014)
Not A movie, but still one of my stronger projects. Uses songs from the 1920s and even some songs before the 1920's. Here the music how it first started out.

My Youtube Channel (ABC Conspiracy)
This channel I started in 2014. The channel mostly exposes the messages of the Music Industry be using music videos.

Remember, I made My films for people to turn away from their sins, repent, and make Jesus Christ their Saviour. Because Jesus Christ is the only one and true God!

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