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My Conspiracy Videos (collection)

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Here's all the documentaries/videos that I have made. I figured this would be a good time to upload all of them. Grab whatever is missing now because the future of torrent sites seems rather bleak.

911 - An Occult Job
Video clips from movies showing the twin towers getting destroyed before 9/11

Devil in Disguise
Video Slideshow with pictures of satanic music album covers.

Have You Seen This Porn
Various clips from documentaries showing porn addiction and what it's like to work in the porn industry

How to Create a Slut
This video exposes the media making the youth promiscuous

Last Call for Freedom
This was my first video made and was about government spying. Think Snowden before Snowden.

This video took the longest to produce at 6 months working 8-12 hours each day on it. Watch and see how music videos promote Satanism and are against Jesus Christ.

Music That Wants Your Soul 2.0
The two hour version of Music that Wants your Soul with the video order moved around

Movies that Want Your Soul
Shows occult themes in popular movies

The Biggest Conspiracy
My second film exposed the music industry, child sacrifice, vaccines, war in Iraq, 9/11, and much more.

The Untitled Conspiracy
Slideshow video that covers a broad range of conspiracy related topics.

Video Games That Want Your Soul
This video makes the argument that one day video games will reach a point of realism. Then violence in video games will effect the brain in more of negative way and people will be desensitize to killing.

For complete description, all the videos have been uploaded to concen. Use the search engine to find the video's details.