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Multidimensional Gangstalking & Cosmic Targeting - Zeph Daniel

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Multidimensional Gangstalking & Cosmic Targeting - Zeph Daniel Gangs-talkers are the anomaly in the system, at least when you notice them, the flaw in the Matrix, to wake you up to the "Truman Show" (1998) you live in. Gang-stalkers are the guys with the skull-faces, the dead ones, talking into their watches in the movie "They Live" (1988). According to Zeph this entire Matrix is being managed by real aliens, aliens controlling the many secret societies, aliens playing a game, aliens betting on you, aliens guessing how you're going to react to a certain stimulus, to a certain sequence of manipulations, done to you by those gang-stalkers. Of course these gang-stalkers are just human puppets, who don't have a clue about what's really going on. Even gang-stalkers are being gang-stalked by other gang-stalkers. All over America there's a tightly knit web of around 50'000 (SIC!) covens of witchcraft, who are doing this gang-stalking, a deeply satanic activity. And in the many other countries it isn't any better. And there's no place to run to - you will have to face it here and now. According to Dr. John Hall there are about one million (SIC!) people doing the gang-stalking in America alone, so next to the covens there must be other activists as well. Think of it as a real army, an invisible army, just like the navy or the marines. So truly, there's another world hidden behind the world you live in. Zeph, being a long-time veteran and gang-stalking victim himself, has an admirable degree of insight, basically confirming much of what I've been teaching you. Imagine your worst paranoid nightmares, then you multiply them by a factor of a thousand, and then you get an idea of what's really going on. The conspiracy is just too vast to be accepted by the human mind. The truth makes you look crazy, simply because reality truly is crazy, a crazy reality on a crazy planet, being created by crazy people. Many patients locked up in lunatic asylums aren't crazy at all, at least in the beginning they weren't crazy, they have been driven to insanity by those gang-stalkers. That's what gang-stalking is all about. And many, if not all, lunatic asylums are being controlled by the occult elites, and many psychiatrists, publicly scoffing at the occult, are members of secret societies themselves. And don't you even try to convince the mainstream-sheeple of what's going on - it will only make you look crazy. Without the help of GOD you won't be able to cope with this. We're not dealing with humans here, we're dealing with "powers and principalities", as stated by the Good Book. And the many things you've heard about pedophile activities going on everywhere are just another manifestation of the grand occult Matrix lurking in the dark behind it. audio 1 ALIEN STALKERS HOLOGRAM.m4a Ancient Gangstalking Reality.m4a Dr. John Hall Discusses Gang Stalking With Zeph Daniel.m4a Dr. John Hall, Dr. Robert Duncan & Zeph Daniel on Stalking.m4a Gang Stalking Explained Spiritually.m4a MULTIDIMENSIONAL GANGSTALKING.m4a Spiritual Message For Targeted Individuals.m4a UNDERSTANDING GANGSTALKING.m4a audio 2 A Warning To Gangstalkers & Worlders by Zeph Daniel.mp3 Amelia Duran & Zeph Daniel on Gangstalking & Child Trafficking.mp3 Brother Thomas & Zeph Daniel On GangStalkikng.mp3 CELL TOWERS and GANGSTALKING by Zeph Daniel.mp3 CHASED OUT OF LA BY GANGSTALKERS by Zeph Daniel.mp3 COSMIC TARGETING by Zeph Daniel.mp3 Dr John Hall, Don Raumaker & Zeph Daniel On GangStalking.mp3 Gang Stalking Explained by Zeph Daniel.mp3 GANGSTALKERS ARE THE FALLEN ONES by Zeph Daniel.mp3 Gangstalkers Aren't In The Book Of Life by Zeph Daniel.mp3 Gangstalking and Targeting of Free Spirits by Zeph Daniel.mp3 GANGSTALKING and WITCHCRAFT by Zeph Daniel.mp3 Gangstalking Extravaganza & Review by Zeph Daniel.mp3 GangStalking Harassment Govinda Tidball Zeph Daniel.mp3 GANGSTALKING PERSECUTION by Zeph Daniel.mp3 GangStalking Realities 101 by Zeph Daniel.mp3 GOD HATES GANGSTALKERS & BULLIES by Zeph Daniel.mp3 Hosea, Deliverance & Gang Stalking by Zeph Daniel - YouTube.mp3 How GangStalkers Get Into Your Head by Zeph Daniel.mp3 How To Deal With GangStalkers by Zeph Daniel.mp3 How To Stop The Evil Bullies, Mobbers & Gaslighters by Zeph Daniel.mp3 Journalists Are Being Gangstalked by Zeph Daniel.mp3 KICK ASS PEP TALK FOR TI's by Zeph Daniel.mp3 Love Bombers & Gang Stalkers by Zeph Daniel.mp3 Mobbers, Bullies, Gaslighters & Stalkers by Zeph Daniel - YouTube.mp3 PAGANS GANGSTALK LAMBS by Zeph Daniel.mp3 PREVENTING AND STOPPING SUICIDES by Zeph Daniel.mp3 Psychotronic Witchcraft by Zeph Daniel.mp3 SPOOKY GANGSTALKING REALITIES by Zeph Daniel.mp3 SUPERNATURAL ELEMENTS OF GANGSTALKING Excerpt by Zeph Daniel.mp3 The Gangstalker's Lake Of Fire by Zeph Daniel.mp3 The Gangstalkers Are Scorpions Snakes by Zeph Daniel.mp3 The Gangstalkers Will Perish by Zeph Daniel.mp3 The Gangstalking Game by Zeph Daniel.mp3 THE HIVE MIND and GANGSTALKING by Zeph Daniel.mp3 The Satanic Elements Of Gangstalking by Zeph Daniel.mp3 The Stasi Regime In America by Zeph Daniel.mp3 TI's Were Chosen For This by Zeph Daniel.mp3 Zeph Daniel and Buddy Wayne Webb on Gangstalking.mp3 Zeph Daniel Interviews Dr Robert Duncan & Dr John Hall.mp3 audio 3 ONCE BEGUN.mp3 PARASITES.mp3 PIZZAGATE - ZEPH DANIEL.mp3 Secret.mp3 The Stalking Beam.mp3 tags: stalking, gangstalking, gang-stalking, aliens, occult, secret, manipulation, conspiracy, psyops
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